From the seed to the consumer’s plate, Maïsadour develops 7 integrated chains and thus ensures a sustainable market for its farmers’ production.

Mastering some chains from the seed to the plate

The Maïsadour Group is made of 7 complementary chains regouped in 4 expert Centers. They are all driven by a single strategy: promoting added value, national and international development, competitiveness and sustainable development.

Field crops seeds Chain

Given the current demographic challenges, Maïsadour combines scientific and agronomic research to develop cost-effective and ecofriendly agricultural solutions.

Field crops and grapevine Chain

European leader for the collection of special maize, the Maïsadour Cooperative organizes the production, the collection, the packaging and the marketing of cereals. It supports and advises its members to optimize their farm performances. Besides, it provides advices and protection solutions to wine producers.

Fruits and vegetables Chain

Sweet corn, green beans, peas, asparagus, raspberries, etc., the Maïsadour Cooperative organizes the production, collection and packaging of the chain. Maïsadour supports the producers with their ambitions and works to boost new, more virtuous ways of growing.

Animal nutrition Chain

Mastery, reliability and traceability of the production of our feed are major assets for production structures working under official quality signs. In this context, the Group takes into account the development, the provision of food programs and the upgrading of raw materials in the regions where it is located.

Poultry Chain

First poultry group of the region, Fermiers du Sud-Ouest is a subsidiary of the Maïsadour Cooperative Group. From slaughtering to marketing, it regroups the specialists of the poultry sector from Landes, Périgord and Gers, three territories recognized for the quality of their agricultural production and for their gastronomic traditions.

Fat duck Chain

A French fat duck chain for 100% ducks, born, raised and prepared in France and marketed by the Group. Since 1980, committed men and women regrouped in a cooperative have been perpetuating an exceptional heritage. They are all committed to defending the colors and know-how of the gastronomy of the South-West of France, in the respect of animal welfare. Our ambition: sharing the taste and excellence of a traditional heritage, oriented toward the future.

Salmon and trout Chain

Committed to taste, quality and respect for farming methods, Maison Delpeyrat cares about producing smoked salmon and trout in line with traditional and authentic methods of production. The chain is committed to produce 100% French products from livestock farms where fishing respects the marine resources to combine flavor and responsibility.

Developing some committed brands

You will get to like the Maïsadour Group brands. Committed to offer quality and the best products of their members, the brands of the Maïsadour Cooperative Group offer very various products, closer to consumers thanks to all its distribution channels in France and abroad.

Our agricultural brands

MAS Seeds selects and markets its own seeds of maize, oilseeds and various other plant species. Its mission is to develop quality seeds and to offer innovative solutions to the farmers.

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Sud-Ouest Aliment, specialist in animal nutrition, is now the leader on this market in South-West of France.

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For 30 years by the sides and serving the farmers of the South-West of France, ÉLEVAGE SERVICE is still innovating to develop the breeding of tomorrow.

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Inovitis company, specialized center dedicated to viticulture, was created by the grouping of the vine activities of the Maïsadour Cooperative and Agralia.

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WHAT IS VEGA* MAISADOUR? The cooperative announces the creation of VEGA* MAÏSADOUR, which materializes the transformation of the Group’s plant activity The cooperative’s plant activity is now known under the VEGA* Maïsadour brand. This new ...

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Specialist in crop production and a major agrosupply operator, Agralia brings all its expertise in the marketing of cereals and oilseeds.

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Our food brands

For 130 years the Maison Delpeyrat has been implementing all its know-how to offer you the best and accompany you in your convivial moments. This committed approach results in a rigorous selection of our products as well as a guarantee of high quality, healthier and more natural products.

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Sarrade listens to its customers, anticipates the trends in the Foodservice market, and adapts to new types of food services. Sarrade offers gourmet products from virtuous chains with the same level of requirements since 1850.

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Delmas is a company specialized in processing fresh fish, by your sides since 1892. Every day, Les poissonniers Delmas select a fish of higher quality, passionately raised, and prepare it in total transparency.

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Specialist in yellow farm chicken and of the Red Label, St SEVER has been guaranteeing the quality of its poultry for more than 50 years.

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Brand reserved for butchers and caterers, for more than 50 years

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The POULET D’ICI is made from French poultry. It is raised regionally in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitania.

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For more than 110 years, Comtesse du Barry has been shining and cooking in the heart of the South-West of France where it cultivates a passion for beautiful and good products: foie gras, salmon, caviar, truffle, terrines and rillettes, fine meals, etc. Our exceptional, gourmet and generous recipes are prepared from quality ingredients, rigorously selected, to bring you the best of our French region.

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FIERS DE NOS TERRES is the regional brand of duck foie gras products from the South-West of France intended for direct sales to the customers, who are looking for simple and good products from the work of the Cooperative farmers.

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Terres Paysannes gathers breeders proud of their land, promoting a quality agriculture and heirs of a traditional know-how.

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Our recognized quality labels and signs

Maïsadour developed quality labels and signs in order to ensure the authenticity, the quality, the traceability and the safety of its products.
Today, our actions are divided into three themes, illustrated by a few examples of the certificates in force in the Group (non-exhaustive list).

Red label

The Red Label is a national sign designating products that, by their production/ manufacturing conditions, have a higher level of quality than other similar products.

Organic farming

The organic farming is a method of production combining best environmental practices, respect for biodiversity, preservation of natural resources and a high level of animal welfare.


The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) labels ensure sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

The protected geographical indication (PGI)

The Protected Geographical Indication refers to agricultural products and food which characteristics are related to a geographical area in which their production, processing or production takes place.

The smoked salmon charter

The Smoked Salmon Charter in France ensures in particular the location on French territory of all the stages of selection, preparation and smoking of the smoked salmon.

LEAF standard

The LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) standard ensures the care given by farmers to the production of food. It certifies the product has been subject to an eco-responsible approach.

The iso 14 001 certification

The ISO 14 001 certification is the international standard for environmental management.

International Food Standard

IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium), developed retail stores, have as common bases food safety and continuous improvement.

The iso 9001 certification

The ISO 9001 Certification guarantees an efficient organization for the quality of products and services and the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders.


Agriconfiance is a certification dedicated to the agricultural upstream chain, it values the quality of agricultural production and commitment to the environment.


GLOBAL G.A.P is a standard of good agricultural practices (G.A.P) recognized and applicable all over the world.

Innovation is a constant in our DNA

Maïsadour wants to offer its members a new agricultural model by developing sustainable agronomic solutions and new local productions. Faced with the challenges of the agro-ecological transition and societal expectations, innovation is essential for the development and sustainability of the Cooperative.