Comtesse du Barry depuis 1908
For more than 110 years, Comtesse du Barry has been shining and cooking in the heart of the South-West of France where it cultivates a passion for beautiful and good products: foie gras, salmon, caviar, truffle, terrines and rillettes, fine meals, etc. Our exceptional, gourmet and generous recipes are prepared from quality ingredients, rigorously selected, to bring you the best of our French region.

More than 110 years of know-how

Since 1908, Comtesse du Barry has not stopped growing and evolving with time to become today one of the jewels of contemporary French gastronomy. Retrospective in 10 key dates and figures.
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Creation of the comtesse du barry company

in Gimont in Gers



Our job, shake your palate

Over the years, foie gras, the Maison original specialty, has become one of its most prestigious jewels, thanks in particular to its delicious semi-cooked foie gras recipes and seasonal creations. This dish cooked from goose and duck livers raised in the open in the countryside of the South-West of France has allowed Comtesse du Barry to become the ambassador of contemporary French gastronomy in gourmet grocery store and on the Internet.

The maison has also specialized in other products emblematic of french culinary culture.

Salmon, prepared and smoked in the Brioude workshops, is also available at all points of sale. Handmade, salted with dry salt and patiently smoked in oak wood to exhale its flavors, the Scottish and Norwegian salmons Comtesse du Barry are of rare delicacy. They come alongside with another gem of gastronomy, the 100% French Baeri and Osciètre caviar, as well as a wide range of truffles. So many small jewels of the culinary art perfect for personal consumption or as a gift.

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But the vocation of Comtesse du Barry does not stop there...

Expert in the cuisine of the French region, it wants to make the food lovers discover all the richness and authenticity of our territory. Thus, other specialties are presented, such as tasty terrines to spread or share, confits and cassoulets, but also chocolates, jams, biscuits, wines, champagnes and spirits, which allow, in all simplicity and conviviality, to live or to offer a gourmet moment Comtesse du Barry.
With Comtesse du Barry, shake your palate!

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