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European leader for the collection of special maize, the Maïsadour Cooperative organizes the production, the collection, the packaging and the marketing of cereals. It supports and advises its members to optimize their farm performances. Besides, it provides advices and protection solutions to wine producers.
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Field crops: between innovations and changes of the agricultural market

The agriculture sector is changing with new legislation, new public policies, new technologies and new societal expectations: more transparency, traceability, local production and sustainable practices. Given these major challengers, the agricultural world, like the other industries, needs to adapt.

Graines d’alliance: A new partnership for the development of a 100% local soybean chain

The development of this 100% local chain is firstly a way to meet the new societal expectations in terms of local production and to a desire for food independence.

The former feed factory of SOAL located on the Alilandes site, in the area of Péré in Saint-Sever is being converted to a 100% local soybean project. A brand new soybean crushing unit will allow to value on site the production from the territory and to directly supply the animal chains of the Maïsadour and Vivadour Cooperative Group in the first half of 2022.

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Maïsadour wine activity: Inovitis

Born from the combination of Maïsadour Cooperative and Agralia wine activities, the Inovitis company has been the Maïsadour Group Business since 2017. Located in the heart of the vineyards of Bordeaux, Inovitis offers winegrowers a wide range of supply options and services such as innovative management tools, support for regulatory developments and certification, as well as monitoring the vineyard. Led by approximately forty employees, the Inovitis team relies on the expertise of its employees as much as on a base of shared values around viticulture and the wine world in general.


To anticipate the evolution of the requirements of the sector and meet the challenges of the future, Inovitis has developed a specific methodology based on the active listening of winegrowers, the consideration of societal trends and the perception of consumer expectations. This approach promotes a direct contact with the actors of the chain, who can thus easily exchange with each advisor and directly access the bearer of the sought know-how.

The field crops chain is structured around 3 business lines

Services and support

A network of advisors supports and advises member farmers to allow them to improve the performance of their farms.


The Maïsadour Cooperative offers its members all the products and materials required for the management of their cultures. Since 2020, an e-commerce platform has been developed to digitalize the supply.


Maïsadour organizes the collection from its members, packages and markets them to the customer in France and abroad.
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Our commitment for a sustainable agriculture

IDEAAL* is an approach initiated by Maïsadour to improve the sustainability of the agricultural operations of the territory and the productions resulting from it. Initiated in 2020, the goal of IDEAAL is to take advantage of the current virtuous farming practices, while building the agricultural future of our territory by offering solutions adapted to each production situation. The approach is organized around some farm diagnostics. In particular, the survey takes into account the reference criteria of the SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative) platform, the ambitions of the Common Agricultural Policy and the HVE (High Environmental Value) reference framework.

*Involvement in an Eco-responsible Approach a Local Agriculture for the Future

The ideaal approach consists of 3 stages:

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    It relies on a survey adapted to the farmer’s production context. This diagnostic allows to make a very precise inventory of their practices. This is an exchange between the farmer and their advisor.

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    This meeting allows each farmer to analyze their score, compare it with the one of the Group’s farms subject to the same survey and identify their strengths and weaknesses. It is also an opportunity to review all the issues the farmers have to face.

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    After the presentation with the technician “the progress plan” phase starts. This event allows us to identify existing areas for improvement and solutions adapted to each farm context. The discussion should allow to prioritize the actions of each company.

Brands bearing our commitments

Specialist in crop production and a major agrosupply operator, Agralia brings all its expertise in the marketing of cereals and oilseeds.

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Inovitis company, specialized center dedicated to viticulture, was created by the grouping of the vine activities of the Maïsadour Cooperative and Agralia.

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WHAT IS VEGA* MAISADOUR? The cooperative announces the creation of VEGA* MAÏSADOUR, which materializes the transformation of the Group’s plant activity The cooperative’s plant activity is now known under the VEGA* Maïsadour brand. This new ...

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