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4,300 women and men are part of our Group. Each of them contributes at their level to the success of our development with the objective to value the Cooperative members’ production in the best way. Here are a few examples of profiles.

Our various areas of jobs

The Maïsadour Cooperative Group is firmly committed to a responsible and environmentally responsible agriculture. Given the health, environmental and economic challenges, and also given the new consumer expectations, all our employees are working for the agriculture and food of tomorrow.

My mission is to develop sales in animal nutrition while increasing our referencing with our partner customers and integrating new points of sales. There is no day like another, and that is what I’m passionate about in my job. Finding relevant solutions for my customers and ensuring our products are showcased is my daily challenge. Listening to the customers, tenacity and strength of proposals are the qualities required for my job. As I work in full autonomy over a large geographical area, I am regularly in contact with all the teams to provide field feedback, share ideas and our successes!

Stéphanie Valentin

Distribution facilitator, complete department set-up

After two years as a work-study trainee, I was pleased to be hired for this position. I had a great support and all this knowledge allows me to be autonomous. The objective of my job is to assess the performance of the Group activities. On a daily basis, I create management tools to highlight the performance of the activities, I prepare their budgets, analyze the monthly results and research, through various indicators and the improvement of the performance. It is an exciting profession because I am confronted every day with new problems. Rigor, analytical ability and adaptability are the key competencies to have for my job.


Support and work-study trainees journey

For 8 years, I have been involved in the entire process of manufacturing feed for animals at the Maïsadour Feed Factory in Haut-Mauco. When I was 20 years old, I was in charge of shipping feed. Now, I carry out missions in 5 different workshops: feed manufacturing, dosing, heat treatment, bagging, and finally, shipping. This job is interesting due to the diversity of the missions, the opportunities for evolution, the team spirit and the autonomy required because of the rigorous surveillance to be provided to ensure feed quality.

Thibault Payen


I work in research and innovation for the whole scope of the animal production of the Maïsadour Group and of our customers, the livestock buildings, nutrition and incubation. The objective of our works is to bring added value to the members’ farms by offering them new products or by allowing them to improve their technical and economic performances. We have a poultry and palmiped experimental station allowing us to perform some tests in field conditions, which is a real advantage to achieve concrete results. On a daily basis, I work with a wide variety of professions and scientific institutes, it is exciting, as I learn every day! We are always working on continuous improvement, this is the key to bring real added value to our farmers!


Innovation and international