Salmon and trout

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Committed to taste, quality and respect for farming methods, Maison Delpeyrat cares about producing smoked salmon and smoked in line with traditional and authentic methods of production. The chain is committed to produce 100% French with products from livestock farms where fishing respects the marine resources to combine flavor and responsibility.


Committed and responsible fishing

Our Salmon and Trout chain is committed to responsible breeding, which is monitored annually and certified by specifications and labels such as GLOBAL G.A.P. or Organic Farming.

Our breeders care about respecting demanding and reasoned aquaculture practices, which reflect a more sustainable approach to the preservation of fish resources and welfare.


Because everyone should be able to know where the fish they eat is coming from, we ensure a full traceability of all stage of our chain. This traceability is shared with our consumers through a QR code on some of our products.
In order to go even further, Maïsadour partnered with the only French salmon farm based in Cherbourg.
We are also developing our own 100% French responsible trout chain in various regions of metropolitan France.

Respect of the product at each manufacturing stage

Guaranteeing and maintaining a high standard of excellence also means paying special attention to the feed of salmon and trout. This is why all the farmed fishes are fed without GMO (<0.9%), without growth hormones and without terrestrial animal-based flour. Concerning wild salmon, it feeds on the resources available in its natural environment.

When they arrive in the Maison Delpeyrat workshops, the trout and salmon are prepared simply and according to the traditional methods of salting with dry salt before being smoked naturally for several hours.


Recognized quality labels and signs

Red label

The Red Label is a national sign designating products that, by their production/ manufacturing conditions, have a higher level of quality than other similar products.

Organic farming

The organic farming is a method of production combining best environmental practices, respect for biodiversity, preservation of natural resources and a high level of animal welfare.

The protected geographical indication (PGI)

The Protected Geographical Indication refers to agricultural products and food which characteristics are related to a geographical area in which their production, processing or production takes place.

International Food Standard

IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium), developed retail stores, have as common bases food safety and continuous improvement.

The ISO 14 001 certification

The ISO 14 001 Certification is the international standard for environmental management.

A respected french know-how

French company recognized for the excellency of its products, Maison Delpeyrat perpetuates an artisanal know-how preserved within its 2 workshops located in Normandy and Haute-Loire.

In these workshops, the implementation of traditional techniques that have gone through several generations are found, and also the application of manufacturing processes adapted and modernized to meet the requirements of the quality charter of Maison Delpeyrat.

In 2021, Maison Delpeyrat launched its smoked salmon coming from 100% French breeding, thus meeting the local production expectations of French people.

The trout chain is structured around 3 business lines


Our trout are raised in freshwater fish farms as part of a sustainable and responsible approach preserving fish resources and welfare.


The fish is processed in 3 sites in France according to traditional methods.


MVVH markets salmon and trout under different brands adapted to the various distribution channels.

Brands bearing our commitments

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