Maison Delpeyrat

Maison Delpeyrat 1890
For 130 years the Maison Delpeyrat has been implementing all its know-how to offer you the best and accompany you in your convivial moments. This committed approach results in a rigorous selection of our products as well as a guarantee of high quality, healthier and more natural products.

More of 130 years of gourmet heritage

The most beautiful stories are the lasting ones… Because we take time to enjoy them!

More than 130 years of history allows the Maison Delpeyrat to develop its products in its own workshops, with simple recipes and without preservatives whenever possible.


Indeed, you were not born, but this year was the beginning of a long and beautiful story: Pierre Delpeyrat founded the Maison Delpeyrat in Sarlat, in the Périgord.



Our business: elaborating gourmet products coming from selected chains

Maison Delpeyrat is a company specialized in the elaboration of gourmet products made from fat duck (foie gras, magret, aiguillettes, duck confit, cooked dishes, pâtés), as well as smoked salmon or trout.

The brand selects the most demanding chains in terms of quality and environmental impact, and helps maintain employment in our territories.

Mastered chains

Maison Delpeyrat relies on its fat duck chains in the South-West of France or in Vendée, with a complete control of the chain: from the birth of ducklings, to their feed produced in its own sites, from outdoor breeding to fattening.

For its fish, the House Delpeyrat selects fish farmers partners (firstly in France), on the basis of strict specifications, including breeding and feeding conditions.

The products of the Maison Delpeyrat are distributed in small, medium and large supermarkets throughout France.


Offering you the best, coming from committed and responsible chains

Men and women of the Maison Delpeyrat gathered in cooperative, share their taste for good things and their know-how.

Men and women committed to a new responsible gourmet gastronomy

Our products are both noble and simple, creating good times and are coming from positive agriculture.

A 100% french fat duck chain serving the best products

In the South-West of France or in Vendée, we master all the steps: from the breeding to the processing.

Salmon chain selected with respect for marine resources

Preparation in France, traditional salting methods, natural smoking in oak or beech wood.

A trout chain from our french regions

Trout fed with no GMO, no hormone and animal-based flour, and with limited breeding densities.

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