Elevage service le sens de l'innovation
For 30 years by the sides and serving the farmers of the South-West of France, ÉLEVAGE SERVICE is still innovating to develop the breeding of tomorrow.

Élevage service then & now

ÉLEVAGE SERVICE was founded in 1993 as a material support branch of the brand new poultry group. In 2001, the switch to a SAS enabled the company to serve customers outside the scope of the Cooperative, and thus to significantly increase its activity.

ÉLEVAGE SERVICE, has more than 30 specialized employees working every day to serve the customers.


Innovation at the heart of élevage service dna

Innovation if part of Élevage Service DNA, and the creation of many products contributes to its national recognition:


Undisputed leader in collective housing for the fattening of fat palmipeds. 


Specific feed chain for ready-to-fatten palmipeds.


System to propel straw pellets on a great length.

Élevage service: professionals listening to you

ÉLEVAGE SERVICE is specialized in the installation of buildings for lean poultry and fat palmipeds. Taking into account the specificity of each breeding, the company offers a full range of indoor equipment for these buildings, and has specialized stores.

To meet these specificities, ÉLEVAGE SERVICE provides you with qualified staff in 5 departments:

Commercial department

Sales people listening to your expectations and needs on the field

Construction department

Professionals qualified for the installation of buildings, breeding equipment, etc.


A store with an area of 800 m² located in Saint-Sever, specialized in breeding equipment and the supply of specific materials


An agricultural self-service with an area of 1,200 m² located in Garlin, specialized in agricultural equipment, with nearly 12,500 references at your disposal

Environmental department

Environmental department

Administrative department

An attentive support team for orders, invoicing, etc.

A human-sized company with strong values

Since 1993, ÉLEVAGE SERVICE has been working with its customers to build the farms of today and tomorrow by relying on 4 pillars:


The root value of our name, service is part of our DNA, and we apply it every day.


Always listening to our customers, we adapt to their requests and to the permanent evolution of the market.


A committed professional team with strong values, meeting the daily expectations of its customers.


A daily challenge for our teams, who make innovation a key focus of their work.

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