Sarrade depuis 1850
Sarrade listens to its customers, anticipates the trends in the Foodservice market, and adapts to new types of food services. Sarrade offers gourmet products from virtuous chains with the same level of requirements since 1850.

Jean-Saturnin Sarrade founded in Eauze in the Gers the Sarrade Maison de Confiance, true foie gras of Armagnac and luxury canned food, with its inimitable motto: “Qui m’gusto m’aïmo” (who tastes me , loves me).



Solutions designed for all kinds of food service

Sarrade is still committed to working with distributors and restaurant owners by being more attentive to the Food-Away-From-Home (FAFH) market in order to understand and anticipate its changes. To meet the expectations and needs of all types of food services, Sarrade relies on:

  • 100% French duck chains mastered from the field to the plate.
  • structuring its range around 5 major needs identified in FAFH: portion cost control, traceability and transparency, excellence, nomadic and aperitif consumption, buffets and banquets.

We anticipate the trends in the food-away-from-home consumer market, and we offer adapted gourmet products from virtuous chains.

In order to meet our customers’ needs, we rely on an expert team through responsible gourmet products.

Products adapted to professionals

Our range of products is developed and divided to meet the various needs of the professionals. It is adapted to any type of food services.

Dedicated team

Our team is listening to you and at your service. It trains you on our chains and products and accompanies you on a daily basis.

Quality and know-how

In order to preserve our requirements and know-how, which have been transmitted since 1850, we constantly taste, evaluate and improve our products: we perform more than 3,000 annual tastings.

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