Marie Hot

Marie Hot landes gastronomie
Brand reserved for butchers and caterers, for more than 50 years

Marie hot, specialist of the landes farm poultry, at the service of the meat industry in france

It all started in 1965, with the achievement of the first Red Label of the history! A handful of pioneering breeders had created a unique and unparalleled way of breeding in the Landes. It remains unchanged today: a rustic “bare neck”, a total freedom, a plant-base feed mainly corn, a traditional habitat in small huts and a preserved environment. Over time, Marie Hot has been able to adapt to the evolution of its customers and stay up to date with a wide range of products, services and tools to meet their expectations.
poulet marie hot
poulet marie hot

Marie hot products and services

Marie Hot offers a large range of specific products for craftsmen:
– The volailles fermières des Landes: chicken, guinea fowl, festive poultry and their cuts
– The Organic poultry and their cuts
– The small poultry: cockerel, quail, squab
– The gourmet products: cuts of fat ducks, duckling, foie gras, confit products
– The classical: turkey cuts, rabbit and its cuts
Marie Hot also offers services and tools:
– An e-commerce website in partnership with OLLCA
– Free sales support tools all year long
– Product demonstration in the shops
– CFA interventions with butcher apprentices to introduce them to poultry

Marie hot, the national trade reference for butchers and caterers

Marie Hot, a heritage brand committed to everyday life.

For its chain

It perpetuates a unique way of breeding in a preserved environment: the Landes.

For the butchers and caterers

It supports its customers in the evolution of their business with its products, tools and services.

For the consumers

It offers products with recognized labels, well breed and traced poultry from France.

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