St Sever le goût le partage le sud-ouest
Specialist in yellow farm chicken and of the Red Label, St SEVER has been guaranteeing the quality of its poultry for more than 50 years.

The St Server poultry breeding: such a story!

Specialist of the Red Label in France, St SERVER offers with its poultry a typical taste, unlike any other, largely related to the quality of their environment in the South-West of France and of their feed.

We are proud to have, among our St SEVER poultry breeders, the creators of the first Red Label in history, a guarantee of the unique quality of our poultry. This first Red Label (01.65) was indeed created 1965 for the yellow farm chicken from the Landes, and the St SEVER poultry breeders have been perpetuating the tradition since.

“Writing what we do, doing what we write”, this is the commitment our breeders have made by creating the specifications of the first Red Label of France.

St SEVER is 100% regional and has 100% South-West of France know-how: a French poultry that gives credit to its country and its beautiful region.


Breeders proud of their job!

Our breeders rely on a respectful poultry production method. Our St SEVER chickens have the time to grow: 81 days is required for them to become mature. They come from a rustic breed commonly called “bare neck” and their growth is much longer than for a classical chicken.

At St SEVER, our poultry are raised in the countryside of the South-West of France. Chickens, guinea fowls, capons, fat chickens and turkeys roam on large plains and forests that offer them shady corners. Thus, they come and go and peck in the peaceful atmosphere of a welcoming and healthy nature.

Our St SEVER poultry has a 100% plant-based feed. It is made of cereals and corn, a delicacy for our poultry, mainly produced by our producers in our region of the South-West of France. In addition, our “bare neck” chickens feed on a little alfalfa and soybean. And, as our poultry roam freely in the meadows, they enjoy what nature provides them: herbs, seeds or insects.

Our St SEVER poultry can be found in big and medium supermarkets.

St Sever, a brand committed to its consumers!

Our St SEVER breeders have been perpetuating the tradition of the South-West of France and committed to the valorization of our region for more than 50 years!

Nature et benevolence

Chickens fed with 80% of cereals and mainly with the corn produced by our breeders.


A traceability from the farm to the plate and a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) politic meeting the societal challenges.

Trust and transparency

A quality agricultural production, with a 100% French origin, controlled by independent institutions.

Quality and know-how

Good farm chickens easy to cook with intense flavor and melting flesh.

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