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Inovitis company, specialized center dedicated to viticulture, was created by the grouping of the vine activities of the Maïsadour Cooperative and Agralia.

Inovitis, a company fully dedicated to viticulture to gather our know-hows

Inovitis brings together the skills and services of the vine branches of Maïsadour and Agralia companies. The specialization of the people, as well as the pooling of means associated with an appropriate logistics guarantee reactivity and reliability.
At the heart of the dynamics of the vineyards of bordeaux and of the south-west of france
Coming from these historic territories rich in prestigious appellations, the women and men of Inovitis contribute enthusiastically to the valorization and preservation of a unique heritage. Strongly optimistic, they develop a creative energy capable of meeting the challenges of the future.

A network close to your vineyard

Driven by passionate people, Inovitis combines initiatives, expertise and proximity for the great success of your vineyard.

Expertise and value creation

Expertise and value creation

Sustainable farming practices

Producing in a better way to meet the desire of the consumers, meet the societal injunctions, respect future generations…

A continuous monitoring

Developing a global view of the viticulture professions. Knowing and understanding to inform, innovate, advise, anticipate...

The strength of belonging to a group

Inovitis benefits from the expertise and knowledge of the Maïsadour Cooperative Group concerning the operation of the downstream chains.

Connected tools

To develop a precision viticulture relying on reactive advisors, Inovitis regularly carries out technical monitoring and uses new digital, specialized and interactive applications.

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