Terres Paysannes

Terres paysannes les petits producteurs traditionnels réunis
Terres Paysannes gathers breeders proud of their land, promoting a quality agriculture and heirs of a traditional know-how.

“We don’t inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

It all begun in 1999, when small farmer producers gathered together to sell and promote their traditional production, which already had the same quality as the Red Label. It was coming from small farmers where the number of duck was voluntary limited. The ducks were mainly fattened by hand and with whole-grain corn from the South-West of France.

This traditional method of breeding made it possible to develop a whole range of products of recognized high quality, several times rewarded by the achievement of medals at the General Agricultural Competition.

Since this time, the number of producers gathered behind the brand Terres Paysannes has increased a lot. Proud of their region, they raise French duck and perpetuate the tradition by offering several ranges of quality product, mainly coming from Red Label foie gras duck, but also from PGI foie gras duck from the Landes or the South-West of France.


Our business: through our productions from a local fat duck chain , we promote our method of quality agriculture.

To enhance the value of our duck production, we have chosen to come together to combine our means of production and processing. Owners of our farms, we came together almost 20 years ago as a producer group to promote a more human scale agriculture. Proud of our origins and gastronomic heritage, we want to take our destiny in hand and produce better, with respect for nature and human health.

Our ducks do not have any antibiotic treatment for the duration of their fattening.

Thanks to these convictions and to our daily commitment to a more responsible agriculture, we can offer you quality Terre Paysannes products.


We strive every day to cultivate our land, raise our animals and process our products while respecting nature and its balance.

Promoting a quality agriculture

Our ducks are raised outdoors, fed with GMO-free corn from the South-West of France often grown on our farms.

Limiting environmental impacts

At all levels of our chain, from the production to the processing, we strive to limit our environmental footprint.

Raising 100% french duck

Even if the specifications do not require it, all our Label Rouge or PGI products come from ducks born in France.

Optimum breeding conditions that we are constantly improving

Our PGI ducks spend nearly 90% of their life outdoors, in optimal comfort and hygiene conditions

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