Les poissonniers Delmas

Les poissonniers Delmas
Delmas is a company specialized in processing fresh fish, by your sides since 1892. Every day, Les poissonniers Delmas select a fish of higher quality, passionately raised, and prepare it in total transparency.

Our history: 120 years of passion

In 1892, the Delmas family fished wild salmon in the Allier River in Auvergne. It was in Brioude, in the Haute-Loire, in the European salmon capital of this time, that the first Delmas fish fillets were raised.

One century later, in 1990, Pierre Delmas decided to perpetuate the know-how inherited from four generations, by creating the Saint-Ferréol Saumonerie. The first Red Label smoked salmon is signed by “Robert Delmas”.

In 2012, the Maïsadour Cooperative Group created, through its MVVH subsidiary, a new group of fish processing. MVVH acquired the processing sites of Viviers de France, the Saint-Ferréol Saumonerie and a final processing unit located in Normandy.

2015 was the year of Delmas coming back into the shops. Our fish are present in the traditional fish shop and in self-service. Seasonal recipes complete our ranges.

Saumon 1892 Brioude Delmas

Our business: selecting, preparing and supplying fresh fish in france

Delmas is a company specialized in processing fresh fish. The brand selects and prepares fish raised in selected aquaculture farms, located near our workshops or at sea, in the South-West of France, the Pyrenees or in Spain. The company has more than 100 employees in France.

Our workshop of Castets (Landes) is IFS (International Featured Standard) certified. There, we mainly prepare trout, salmon or sea bass.

Delmas markets its fillets, cobblestones and fresh fish preparations in the fish department, self-service and in traditional fish shops.

Our commitments: always by your sides!

We offer you some simple and tasty recipes to make your life easier and for you to enjoy.

A selection of fresh fish

We buy and receive fresh fish every day.

Systematic controls

In particular, we control the smell, the flesh texture, the ears and eyes of the fish.

Passionate men and women, experts in their jobs

The fish fillets are trimmed and prepared by hand in our workshops.

Trouts raised with demanding specifications

GMO-free, limitation of antibiotics, prohibition of the use of hormones (in accordance with the regulations).

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