Sud-ouest Aliments ensemble, pour nourrir l'excellence
Sud-Ouest Aliment, specialist in animal nutrition, is now the leader on this market in South-West of France.

Sud-ouest aliment: unity is strength

In 2008, the cooperative groups Maïsadour, Vivadour, Val de Gascogne and Gersycoop decided to bring together their animal nutrition activities to create the regional leader of South-West of France in this field, thus enhancing local productions, and ensuring the competitiveness of animal production sectors.

This group, joined by ADM in 2012, has now 15 manufacturing sites generating an industrial and commercial potential of 800,000 tons in the Great South-West of France, with a turnover of around 250 million euros.


Sud-ouest aliment, a committed player


Regional player


Competitiveness of feed for the breeders


Development of new business lines (export, general public)


A research & innovation service dedicated to animal nutrition


Sales specialized by species in 20 departments




Various forms of products: granules, mash, flour...


2 factories specialized in organic agricultural production


2 factories specialized in the production of premix and minerals intended for feed factories and breeders

Sud-ouest aliment, a committed player

Aware of consumer expectations, Sud-Ouest Aliment (SOAL) continually adapts to everyone’s societal expectations.

Bringing competitiveness to animal chains

SOAL meet all the specification of the animal chains: PGI, Red Label, CCP, AB…

Transforming the local materials

Subsidiary of regional cooperative group, SOAL gives preference to cereals of the region in the feed composition. Soon, SOAL will be able to produce 100% local soybean meal.

Innovation to serve the breeders

If SOAL remains focused on its products performances, it speeds up the innovation on all its markets thanks to research and innovation teams and to its research station.

Corporate social responsibility (csr)

Animal welfare, removal of medication and performance are the watchwords of SOAL.
Our industrial sites focus on energy savings and the use of renewable energies.

Brands bearing our commitments

Cap Nature, at the heart of your passions

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Sauvag’in is a special range of feed for your waterbird hunting appellants and your ornamental palmipeds.

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