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The French fat duck chain for ducks 100% born, raised and prepared in France and marketed by the Group. Since 1980, committed men and women regrouped in a cooperative have been perpetuating an exceptional heritage. They are all committed to defending the colors and know-how of the gastronomy of the South-West of France, in the respect of animal welfare. Our ambition: sharing the taste and excellence of a traditional heritage, oriented towards the future.


Exemplary breeding conditions

Maïsadour fat duck chain is 100% French and represented by MVVH, a subsidiary of the Cooperative since 1998. This recognized subsidiary owes the quality of its products to the rigorous and animal-friendly breeding conditions. Raised in free-range, the ducks have optimal conditions of comfort and hygiene and are fed with corn from the South-West of France and with 100% French and GMO-free cereals. Traditional breeding techniques where animal welfare is a major concern for each of our breeders.

The fat duck chain is structured around 4 business lines

Above all a human and collective history

Duck is one of the emblematic products of the South-West of France. It is also one of the favorite meats of French people recognized for its taste and its nutritional qualities. All the breeders of the chain are passionate, united by a common vocation and the love of the gastronomy of the South-West of France transmitted sometimes from generation to generation. A collaborative mindset shared with Maïsadour to better support and defend together the economic and social interests of all the actors of our territory.

The requirement for a responsible approach at each stage

From the field to the plate, Maïsadour fat duck chain is the guarantee of a responsible and respectful know-how at all stages: from breeding to sales and the manufacture of products, both in France and for international export.

Maison Delpeyrat is committed to transmitting and preserving traditional know-how based on simple recipes, while avoiding additives and preservatives whenever possible. Through a rigorous labeling policy. Maison Delpeyrat also ensures the quality and a full traceability on all the stage of the Duck chain. 

Brands bearing our commitments

Red label

The Red Label is a national sign designating products that, by their production/ manufacturing conditions, have a higher level of quality than other similar products.

The protected geographical indication (PGI)

The Protected Geographical Indication refers to agricultural products and food which characteristics are related to a geographical area in which their production, processing or production takes place.

International Food Standard

IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium), developed retail stores, have as common bases food safety and continuous improvement.

The ISO 14 001 certification

The ISO 14 001 Certification is the international standard for environmental management.

Brands bearing our commitments

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