First poultry group of the region, Fermiers du Sud-Ouest is a subsidiary of the Maïsadour Cooperative Group. From slaughtering to marketing, it regroups the specialists of the poultry sector from Landes, Périgord and Gers, three territories recognized for the quality of their agricultural production and for their gastronomic traditions.


Our breeders from the landes: creators of the red label and specialists of free-range breeding

Specialist of the Red Label yellow farm chicken, the Fermiers du Sud-Ouest Group is an essential area of Red Label yellow chicken, which reputation is driven by the consumer’s enthusiasm for healthy and quality products. Its ambition is to offer a profitable and sustainable economic model for the territory, with national and international markets. The organization has a single ambition: to sustain a successful agricultural sector in the South-West of France, so that each professional involved lives with dignity of their profession and can transmit their know-how.

A strong position on an evolving market

Given the segmented market, Fermiers du Sud-Ouest reaffirms its position as a quality poultry producer. The Maïsadour subsidiary wishes above all to promote its free-range poultry farms, as well as its animal-friendly labels and production practices. It produces and markets more than 21 million poultry per year.

Its brands, adapted to the various distribution channels, support food professionals, but also large-scale food retailers, in France and internationally.

In 2020, the Poultry division expressed its social, economic and environmental commitments, which extend the actions already carried out for several years.


The poultry chain in a few stages:

Maïsadour works to get even more transparency and quality

The consumer wishes to better master their food, gives preference to local product, wants the highest transparency on the origin of products and to be assured of a production respecting both the animals and the environment.

Today, the brands of the Group (St SEVER, Fermiers du Gers et Fermiers du Périgord) have QR codes on the packaging to allow the consumers to get more information about the product origin.

volaille maisadour
traçabilité volailles

Acting for animal welfare

Animal welfare is a strong societal expectation and an important ethical issue for Maïsadour. The quality of life of our livestock is inherent to the quality of our products.

A major player in the animal sector for more than 50 years, animal welfare is a subject well anchored in the values of Maïsadour and supported by its traditional modes of production adapting to the paces and needs of animals. Maïsadour initiated with the breeders the creation of the first French Red Label and continuously improves its practices.

Maïsadour objective is to ensure the responsibility of its animal chains and to work continuously with the technical teams so that the livestocks express their natural behavior.

This challenge is addressed by the Group through a joint project called “Animal Welfare around 3 major axes: animal, man and the environment.”

Pioneer on animal welfare labeling

At the end of 2018, Fermiers du Sud-Ouest partnered with the Casino brand and three NGOs to develop the first animal welfare labeling in France. Thus, a technical standard for animal welfare on the whole chain was implemented. It considers all the stages of the animal’s life: from birth to breeding, transport and slaughter.

Thanks to this labeling, the consumer is aware of the welfare level of the animal.


The red label breeding in complete free-range, a unique breeding mode

This authentic method of breeding where the poultry are raised in free-range in the countryside of the South-West of France promotes the development of the animal.

The yellow chicken of the Landes is the only one to be raised in total free-range and to enjoy mobile huts called “marensines”, which change location every 4 months in order to facilitate the regrowth and the regeneration of the fauna and the natural flora. Our poultry live all day long in wooded and grassy places allowing them to peck worms and insects at will. They roam freely and outdoors, which promotes their welfare and guarantees superior quality meat. 

Recognized quality labels and signs

Red label

The Red Label is a national sign designating products that, by their production/ manufacturing conditions, have a higher level of quality than other similar products.

The protected geographical indication (PGI)

The Protected Geographical Indication refers to agricultural products and food which characteristics are related to a geographical area in which their production, processing or production takes place.

Organic farming

The organic farming is a method of production combining best environmental practices, respect for biodiversity, preservation of natural resources and a high level of animal welfare.

The ISO 14 001 certification

The ISO 14 001 Certification is the international standard for environmental management.

International Food Standard

IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium), developed retail stores, have as common bases food safety and continuous improvement.

Brands bearing our commitments

The volailles du Périgord are raised according to old practices, transmitted and preserved because of their positive impact on the quality of life of the poultry in their environment and therefore the final quality of ...

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All the volailles Fermières des Landes breeding cradle is in the forest of Landes. This exceptional environment with its big spaces and its climate, with the traditional breeding method of this poultry, is part of ...

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The volailles fermières du Gers are raised in accordance with tradition, outdoors, on grassy or wooded places. These breeding methods ensure the welfare of our poultry and give them optimum growth conditions: space, fresh air, ...

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Brand reserved for butchers and caterers, for more than 50 years

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Specialist in yellow farm chicken and of the Red Label, St SEVER has been guaranteeing the quality of its poultry for more than 50 years.

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The Peyriguet brand is the know-how dedicated to wholesalers around whole and cut poultry

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The POULET D’ICI is made from French poultry. It is raised regionally in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitania.

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