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An agricultural cooperative group based in the south-west, we are committed to the agro-ecological and food transition.

To achieve this, we are taking action on a daily basis, in all our territories, to reinvent and deploy a form of agriculture that is regenerative and respectful to Humans and the Living, with high added value for our cooperative Group and its farmers, enabling us to provide out customers with the healthy, sustainable, and accessible food they expect.

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An agroecological and environmental ambition

We are developing an agro-ecological model that integrates all environmental and animal welfare issues across all our sectors.

We are seeking – through innovation – to meet the challenge of regenerative agriculture*, maintaining yields close to current levels and with high added values for the Group and its farmers.

Action themes:

  • Agro-ecology and regenerative agriculture
  • Fossil and renewable energies
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Animal well-being, compassionate animal care, biosecurity

*Regenerative agriculture is a system of agriculture principles and practices that aims to rehabilitate and improve the entire farm ecosystem. It is characterised by agricultural production and a set of techniques whose main aims are to regenerate spoils, increase biodiversity, soil sequestration of atmospheric carbon, soil resilience to climate fluctuations, optimise the water cycle and improve the provision of ecosystem services.


Christelle Forzy et Jean-Louis Zwick

Christelle FORZY – QHSE and Sustainable Development director
Jean-Louis ZWICK – Agricultural Business line Director

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Value-added sectors

We rely on high-performance business models that are competitive and profitable in their markets, guaranteeing the long-term viability of our activities and enabling us to develop innovative supply chains that create value for the Group, farmers, and our customers, and generate income for all our stakeholders, while meeting the current and future expectations of our customers.

Action themes:

  • Analysing the business portfolio
  • Transforming our business models
  • Improving our competitiveness
  • Generating cash flow
  • Developing innovative and profitable sectors
  • Enhancing the quality of our products


Stéphane Gautier, Maxime choquet et Eric HUmblot

Stéphane GAUTIER – Chief financial Director
Maxime CHOQUET – Group Financial Control Director
Eric HUMBLOT – Gourmet business line Director (MVVH)

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an atractive company with high-performance teams

We are asserting our beliefs as a cooperative employer and our values in order to develop the commitment of our teams and attract new talent. We are building an attractive proposition for current and future employees.

We are developing a positive working environment that favours transparency, dialogue, and communication. Our operations and practices enable us to improve the health and safety of our employees.

By providing greater support and recognising sustainable performance, we encourage our teams to develop their skills and build career paths. 

Action themes:

  • Health, security, surety
  • Internal & external communication (dialogue & employer brand)
  • Social identity
  • Transparent & accessible HR practices
  • Quality of life and working conditions
  • Skills enhancement
  • Performance culture


Jean-Luc Lévêque et Vincent Robin

Jean-Luc LÉVÊQUE – Human ressources Director
Vincent ROBIN – Poultry Business line Director

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A cooperative commited in its territories and a player in social change

We are a cooperative that is strongly committed to its local communities and to their development, with a highly advanced stakeholder dialogue and a strong corporate voice on its activities and social issues.

Action themes:

  • Involvement in our territories
  • Strengthening dialogue with all our stakeholders
  • Speaking out on our activities
  • Taking a stance on our strategic issues


Pierre Flye Sainte MArie et Anne-Sophie Vieira

Pierre FLYE SAINTE-MARIE – Seed division Director
Anne-Sophie VIEIRA – Communication Group Director