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Given the current demographic challenges, Maïsadour combines scientific and agronomic research to develop cost-effective and environmentally conscious agricultural solutions.


The Maïsadour seed chain mas seeds

The seed activity of the Maïsadour Group began in 1949, a few years after the creation of the farmers cooperative, in 1936, in the South-West of France.

At this time, the ambition was very strong: to produce, create and supply quality hybrid maize seeds in a growing French market. An ambition that has been largely exceeded 85 years later.

Today, MAS Seeds has become an international seed company and has several strategic activities:

the selection and the development of new maize varieties (temperate and tropical), of sunflowers and other species (alfalfa, soybeans, sorghum, cover crops, forage mixtures, etc. ), the seed production and the marketing.

MAS seeds is structured around 3 business lines

The MAS Seed brand is marketed in more than 50 countries and offers a wide range of innovative and sustainable solutions

Creation of varieties for field crops

MAS Seeds invests 12% of its turnover in the research and development for maize and sunflower.

Production of quality seeds

MAS Seeds innovations in terms of seeds processing and its quality management system ensure the production and the supply of quality seeds.

Marketing and customer support on the field

MAS Seeds supports all its customers to offer the right product in the right place and provide technical advice through its services.

Producing more and better

Increasing global agricultural production is the central challenge of our time. Each day, our planet welcomes approximately 230,000 more inhabitants and emerging countries are gaining a better standard of living, leading to a rapid growth of food needs. However, the surface of available land for farming is limited to approximately 1.5 billion hectares.

Making better use of the available land is an exciting challenge. This is about encouraging the development of responsible and sustainable agricultural practices, using adapted and efficient varieties. All this in order to produce more and better, without affecting our lands and our environment.


Progress will come from the seeds

The seed itself has some solutions. In its DNA it has all the future features of the plant: yielding potential, resistance to diseases and parasites, adaptation to the territories and climate change. Our research is progressing and the paths of improvement are multiplying, being sources of great progress. The varietal creation is accelerating and increasingly optimizing the use of water, fertilizers and plant protection products.

Used in very small quantities, seed treatments ensure the good health of seeds and plants and secure our crops and our food, by limiting soil and crop treatments. And here as well, MAS Seeds invests, innovates and offers new solutions.

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MAS Seeds selects and markets its own seeds of maize, oilseeds and various other plant species. Its mission is to develop quality seeds and to offer innovative solutions to the farmers.

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