A know-how deployed internationally

Our international locations and subsidiaries allow to strengthen and sustain the markets for our farmers.

Making “chosen” international, a driver of growth

Our international locations and subsidiaries (Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Morocco, Mexico, Ivory Coast, etc.) allow to strengthen and sustain some opportunities and markets for our farmers.

Maïsadour develops agricultural, breeding and processing techniques that are recognized and popular on the European market and beyond.
In addition to our subsidiaries, we deploy a network of partners, distributors and resellers to offer our products, technology and know-how.

By choosing the most promising markets, we are making the international market a key driver of growth and one of the four strategic pillars of our “Maïsadour 2026” roadmap.

Our gourmet expertise and excellence recognized internationally

Maïsadour exports the expertise of its employees through consultancy missions on behalf of industrial clients.

The recognized gourmet excellence of our products from the South-West of France is a major asset in countries such as Japan and the United States and also allows us to develop new markets.

The international R&D

At MAS Seeds, 140 people are working for the R&D in various countries in Europe, Africa and America.

Research is essential for the development of this subsidiary.

The goal is to create varieties meeting the expectations of the market, resisting to strong environmental constraints and striving for an ever-greater sustainability.

An international presence

Maïsadour has 209 sites in the world and most of them are in the South-West of France.

Thanks to our international locations and subsidiaries, we export our know-how and we strengthen the perspectives and markets for our farmers.

More than 100 points of sale are completing our locations in France and internationally.

A few figures

(Fiscal year 2020-2021)
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