Fiers de nos terres

fiers de nos terres
FIERS DE NOS TERRES is the regional brand of duck foie gras products from the South-West of France intended for direct sales to the customers, who are looking for simple and good products from the work of the Cooperative farmers.

The brand representing some regional productions of the south-west of france

FIERS DE NOS TERRES is the brand representing the regional productions of the South-West of France. It reflects the origins of the Maïsadour Agricultural Cooperative, created by and for passionate members and employees, committed to a human approach, and eager to offer the best of the South-West of France through their mastery of the sector, from the field to the plate.

The fiers de nos terres products are the result of our producers’ work

Foie gras, confits, magrets, pâtés, cooked dishes and gift boxes… All the FIERS DE NOS TERRES products are available for direct delivery to individuals and businesses from the brand website, or can be found in the Amour du Terroir and En Direct de Nos Producteurs shops.

Foie gras

Within our Cooperative, men and women share and pass knowledge, emotions, techniques and methods with respect for the animal and the ancestral tradition.

Duck confit from the south-west of france

Duck confit is a Gascon specialty. Its fat seasoned duck meat, bone-in and preserved in duck fat is soft and melting in the mouth.

Terrines and rillettes

Traditional recipes, 100% duck or prepared with a stuffing of pork meat from France, cooked with products from the South-West of France: Bayonne ham, Espelette chili, armagnac, discover or rediscover these gourmet terrines, each tastier than the others.

Gift boxes

Share the taste of the South-West of France with your loved ones by offering a complete gift box with foie gras and specialties. You can even send a package directly to your loved ones: we take care of sending it on the date you choose. We can also add a custom message: simply write it in your comments.

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