The Maïsadour Cooperative Group offers a wide variety of plant crops and animal products, which are as many opportunities to diversify your farm.


Producing with Maïsadour

Maïsadour works to strengthen the relation between the farmers and their Cooperative and to ensure the sustainability of the farms by accelerating their adaptation to economic, social and environmental expectations. The farmers contribute not only to the local economy, but also to the regional development.

What about cultivating with us?

Maize, sunflower or rapeseed seed producers

Grain maize producers for use in animal nutrition, starch or distilled products


Vegetable producers (asparagus, sweet potato, sweet corn, green beans or peas).

Raspberries or blueberries producers


What about becoming a breeder with us?

With its 496 poultry breeders, 95% of whom are Red Label, and its 294 duck breeders, 100% of whom are free-range certified, Maïsadour is a leading regional cooperative for the poultry and palmiped chains. Our breeders are passionate people ensuring a quality Made in the South-West of France recognized by all our consumers.

Joining Maïsadour, it is the possibility to become:

Poultry breeders: poultry for meat production (chicken, guinea fowl and fat chicken, as standard, Red Label or organic) and poultry for laying (chicken, hen on the ground, free-range or organic).

Breeder and/or feeder of palmipeds for foie gras.

We support our producers with the certification procedures that guarantee breeding conditions respecting animal welfare and the environment, with recognized and demanding specifications.

What about experimenting together ?

Join a network of advisors and experimenter farmers: new crops, alternative techniques and innovative technologies (precision farming, drones, etc.)
Arnaud Lespes

Young farmers: Maïsadour supports and assists you with your projects

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For new members of less than 40 years old, Maïsadour offers support and assistance to promote their installation and integration within the Cooperative.
Maïsadour makes sure to support the farmers of tomorrow. The young member farmers can benefit during 6 years from the aid provided by the Young Member Charter with a scheme covering several types of production and several aids.

Do you wish to become a member of the cooperative?

Since its creation, the member farmers are at the heart of the construction and development of Maïsadour. We share with them fundamental values such as mutualism, solidarity and equity at the service of the development of our farms.
Thanks to the customer support of the technical teams of the Agricultural Business Line, the Cooperative allows you to improve the technical and economic performances and the sustainability of your farm.

What is a member?

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Our local anchorage

The farmers and the employees take part in the creation of economic, social and sustainable wealth in the South-West of France territory.
Maïsadour regroups approximately 3,500 members in the South-West of France. With them, the Cooperative maintains close relations throughout its territory.

5,000 member farmers including


Seed producers




Contract crop producers

With 7 territorial sections spread over 11 departments