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Mastery, reliability and traceability of the production of our feed are major assets for production structures working under official quality signs. In this context, the Group takes into account the development, provision of food programs and the upgrading of raw materials in the regions where it is located.


A global approach and an extensive experience of the animal nutrition chain

The Animal nutrition activity was associated very early on with the development of the production of Label Rouge and Landes Liberté chickens, and also with the production of foie gras palmipeds. Thus, it carefully selects the raw materials which are mainly coming from regional production. The food safety and traceability impose rigorous specifications to the suppliers.

Independent certifying agencies control more than 80% of the produced volumes:
Red Label, Landes Liberté, PGI South-West of France, organic farming production.

However, our teams’ skills are not limited to this:  they also cover both a solid experience in the nutrition of beef cattle, dairy cows, goats, horses, pigs and sheeps (milk and meat), and games and ornamental birds.

The animal nutrition chain is structured around 5 business lines:

Sud-ouest aliment a leader for animal nutrition

In 2008, the Maïsadour Cooperative Group and the Vivadour, Val de Gascogne and Gersycoop Cooperative Groups (joined by ADM in 2012) decided to regroup their Animal Nutrition activities to create the regional leader of the South-West of France in this sector: Sud-Ouest Aliment. Today, well established in the regions of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitania, Sud-Ouest Aliment has more than 8,000 farmers as customers and represents more than a third of the market share in this territory. Its sales teams specialized in nutrition support the breeders and participate in the development of animal production in the territory.


Sud-Ouest Aliment- Route de Saint-Sever

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The experimental station

Created in 1987 and dedicated to fat palmipeds and free-range poultry, it is a decisive asset for the performance of the sectors under official quality signs (Label Rouge, PGI). A new station 3-hectare station aims to support applied research dedicated to life-size experimentation on palmiped farming and fattening.

Nutricia: formulation, research and development

Nutricia, a subsidiary of Sud-Ouest Aliment, regroups research and innovation skills through an experimental station, formulation, laboratory, QHSE, purchasing, logistics, management control and industrial performance.

More than a thousand of feed formulas for every animal species are created and optimized by the formulation service. The innovations of the experimental station have allowed the various players of the sector to stay ahead of the competition.

Brands bearing our commitments

Cap Nature, at the heart of your passions

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Sud-Ouest Aliment, specialist in animal nutrition, is now the leader on this market in South-West of France.

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PASSI’O is committed and responsible. The relation between animal feed and quality of consumer products (milk, meat) are close and guide us. Consumer demands some traceability, and some guarantees concerning the animal feed and welfare in relation with the breeder well-being.

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ROLLY, brand of the Maïsadour Group, created 5 years ago make feed on our Baigts site. Intended for piglets under the mother or weaned.

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With 40 years of experience and a dominant position in the French equine market, Sud-Ouest Aliment creates SOAL RACING, a new generation of premium feed respecting the digestive physiology of horses and their environment. The SOAL RACING range is dedicated to high-level racing and breeding horses. It was scientifically designed in collaboration with the best nutritionists and engineers in France.

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Vivallure, for each pace its nutrition

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Sauvag’in is a special range of feed for your waterbird hunting appellants and your ornamental palmipeds.

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Sauvag’in is a special range of feed for your waterbird hunting appellants and your ornamental palmipeds.

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