All the volailles Fermières des Landes breeding cradle is in the forest of Landes. This exceptional environment with its big spaces and its climate, with the traditional breeding method of this poultry, is part of the founding elements that enabled the volailles Fermières des Landes to achieve the first Red Label and, a few years later, the additional PGI labeling.

Our history

Pioneers of the Red Label in France, the volailles Fermières des Landes breeders are the first in France, since the 1960s, to have made the choice of a traditional poultry breeding in freedom, in strict compliance with some specifications. Thus, the volailles Fermières des Landes were the first one in France to get the Red Label as early as 1965.

Dual label

At the same time the first Red Label of France, the Volailles Fermières des Landes also have the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) label, in addition to their exclusive “Landes” stamp. This dual label and this guaranteed origin, meet strict specifications, guaranteeing free-range breeding methods, a specific breeding period and a specific feed, which make the Volailles Fermières des Landes unique in France.

Red label

Created in 1977, the Volailles fermière des Landes brand has the Red Label.


Protected Geographical Indication Label.

Only farm chickens able to have the “Landes” label.


Traceability of the product, ensured by its label, its origin from the “Landes” and by compliance with strict specifications.

Free-range breeding

A free-range breeding, without fences, in the heart of the Landes forest.