Les produits du peyriguet
The Peyriguet brand is the know-how dedicated to wholesalers around whole and cut poultry
Poulet jaune PAC AMBIANCE

Peyriguet, poultry of excellence

The Peyriguet brand is recognized in all Landes for the excellency of its farm poultry.

A virtuous environment

In the heart of the largest forest in Europe, oxygenated by the regular winds of the Atlantic, poultry enjoy large spaces, as well as a preserved natural environment in which they live in peace.

An artisanal breeding method

Respectful of animal welfare and the ecosystem, making our breeders proud.

Our chickens are raised in complete free-range in the Landes forest during at least 81 days.

A healthy feed

Our poultry feed mainly on cereals (80% minimum), mostly farm-produced corn (100% GMO-free soil < 0.9%), as well as all the delicacies offered by the undergrowth (herbs, seeds, insects, etc.).

The assurance of a high-quality product

The farm poultry from the Landes with firm, marbled flesh for a 200% scrumptious result.