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Maïsadour Group
The Maïsadour Group is constantly working to ensure the future of its sectors. After expanding the Fermiers du Gers plant in Condom to include the most efficient technologies and creating a 100% local soybean chain by converting the former Alilandes plant, it is also investing in the Saramon (32) and Sasseville (76) sites.

The Saramon site expands and modernizes

Located near Auch, the site of Saramon, which belongs to Fermiers du Gers, has launched its turn in modernization work, after that of Condom. The project is taking place in two phases. The first phase consists of enlarging the cutting area for an investment of 1 M€. It was launched in the summer of 2022 and will be completed in early 2023. The second phase is currently undergoing a technical study. It aims to make the processes even more modern and efficient, to offer more ergonomic workstations, and to improve the site’s energy efficiency. This ambitious project represents a total of more than 1,000 m² of floor space.

With more than a hundred employees and about twenty temporary workers, the Saramon site currently produces 120,000 poultry a week, yellow and white chicken or guinea fowl with the red label. Fermiers du Gers is the only company that markets IGP Gers poultry, a recognized label which, despite successive poultry crises, has retained the confidence of all its customers.

investissement usine de Saramon

Delpeyrat invests in new equipment for the aquaculture sector

A fifth high-speed slicing line was inaugurated last January at the Sasseville site (76), where 2,400 tons of smoked salmon and trout are packaged every year. This investment required preparatory work in July 2022: relocation of the line, creation of electrical networks, fitting out of refrigerators, etc.

This new line will allow us to gain capacity for the high activity periods at the end of the year (more than 500 tons potential over a year). With a better output, it is energy efficient and allows a more homogeneous presentation of the products. Thanks to a slicing angle superior to the current lines, new products can be imagined by the Research and Development department.

Machine de découpe de saumon et truite, investissement dans l'usine Delpeyrat

In a few months, this line will be completed by a new thermoforming machine for vacuum packaging of products.

This is the second expansion of the Sasseville site. In 2021, the slicing workshop was already overhauled with an additional line. In the coming years, investments will be more focused on the filleting workshop in order to modernize it and improve its performance.

Maïsadour Group

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