VEGA* Maïsadour: the new brand of the Pôle végétal !

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Our Cooperative has created VEGA* Maïsadour, a new brand that offers farmers and plant manufacturers a complete range of products, services and products. This is a new stage in the transformation undertaken by the Vegetal Division to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow's agriculture.
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The agricultural world is undergoing major changes, as society’s expectations and our customers’ needs evolve. “Farmers are faced with frequent climatic hazards, as well as the need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. For their part, manufacturers have to meet new consumer expectations,” explains Laurent Badin, Sales Director of Maïsadour’s Vegetal Division.

Creating a fluid, simple and coherent organization, with attractive offers and a high-performance customer experience: this is the idea that has mobilized all the teams in the Vegetal Division to work on making this project a reality.

A complete offer adapted to the agricultural world of tomorrow

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This offer is built around 3 pillars, with a real impact for all stakeholders:

  • generating added value for our members, with new value-added ranges
    to bring serenity and performance to farm management, thanks to innovative production solutions that benefit everyone;
  • anticipating the future and accelerating the transition to regenerative agriculture by producing low-carbon products,

  • reviving biodiversity and protecting water and soil resources.

From a range of value-added corn products to risk management solutions (climate, market volatility) and offers to develop operations, VEGA* Maïsadour is a comprehensive and structured brand available to both farmers and manufacturers.

VEGA* Maïsadour, a trusted third party between farmers and manufacturers

With its new VEGA* Maïsadour brand, the Cooperative is supporting tomorrow’s farmers by increasing the value of their production in a high-performance and profitable way. It is also positioning itself with plant manufacturers, guaranteeing them the origin of their production and securing their supplies in terms of volume and quality over the long term.

VEGA* nouvelle marque du Pôle végétal

Under the slogan “Végétale Expertise de la Graine à l’Assiette” (Plant Expertise from Seed to Plate), VEGA* Maïsadour supports and trains farmers, works with them to draw up specifications and puts them in touch with plant manufacturers via a platform.

Thanks to VEGA* Maïsadour, the Vegetal Cluster is reasserting its identity and know-how, and positioning itself as the leader in plant expertise “from seed to plate” in the South-West.

Maïsadour Group

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