Fermiers du Sud-Ouest and MEUH! restaurants: a partnership to promote free-range poultry

Groupe Maïsadour

Fermiers du Sud-Ouest and
unconditional supporters of local producers, signed a partnership on signed a partnership agreement on March 28 to offer products from the Menu Volaille brand on their menus, highlighting quality poultry from the South-West.

Southwestern poultry for a demanding clientele

The two entities have joined forces to offer restaurant customers Label Rouge-certified poultry from the South-West Label Rouge poultry from the Menu Volaille brand. The poultry is raised free-range for a minimum of 81 days and are fed a balanced 100% vegetable diet.

MEUH! and Fermiers du Sud-Ouest are committed to promoting local products. So it was naturally that these two entities decided to work together. The partnership was signed on March 28 in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, in one of the company’s restaurants.

signature d'un contrat papier en deux directeurs. Les hommes sont debout devant une table et se serrent la main
Fermiers du Sud-Ouest, the specialist for poultry from the South-West of France

Fermiers du Sud-Ouest, a subsidiary of the Maïsadour group, is committed to producing quality poultry that respects people, animals and the earth.
The group has decentres of selection, hatcheries and production sites, all located in the South-West of France. Fermiers du Sud-Ouest offers a wide range of quality South-West poultry products, including a Label Rouge Sud-Ouest range entirely designed to meet the demands of restaurant chefs.

MEUH ! restaurants: simplicity and quality à la carte

Since 2012, MEUH! has been committed to simple, high-quality dining
selected products, while guaranteeing excellent value for money
value for consumers. Specializing in beef (but not only!) and entrecôte in particular, the brand displays “l’entrecôte par excellence” on the front of its restaurants. For both beef and poultry, the brand strives for excellence, guaranteeing its customers quality meats.

It’s a concept acclaimed by consumers who love fresh, homemade products. MEUH! now has nine restaurants in the South-West region, including three in Gironde.

Groupe Maïsadour

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