Maïsadour Cooperative Group has announced the appointment of Vincent Guillaume as Performance Director. A member of the Group's Executive Committee, his role is to support the business lines in all performance and improvement projects in the areas of purchasing, logistics and manufacturing.
Vincent Guillaume
Vincent Guillaume

His career

Aged 56, Vincent Guillaume has over 25 years’ experience in Supply Chain and Performance in France and internationally within the General Mills Group.

After serving as Supply Chain Director for Géant Vert and then Subcontracting Director for all the group’s brands, Vincent Guillaume became Supply Chain Operations Director for the General Mills Europe-Australia group.

In this role, he was successively in charge of supply chain, performance, manufacturing, purchasing and subcontracting, and logistics in France and internationally, and successfully led major transformation projects. In particular, he worked for the Yoplait, Old El Paso, Nature Valley, Häagen Dazs and Géant Vert brands.

‘When I arrived at Maïsadour, I was impressed by the diversity of the company's businesses and the CSR maturity of its employees at every stage of value creation.

I'm delighted to be joining teams that are so motivated to work on the growth of their company. The Group has a considerable advantage: the integration of upstream sectors in most of its activities. This is a real asset when it comes to controlling performance.

Vincent Guillaume, Maïsadour Performance Director

His objectives

As Performance Director, Vincent Guillaume will bring his expertise to bear and support the business units in all performance and improvement projects in the logistics and industrial areas. He will be directly responsible for the Group’s performance in terms of purchasing, investments and energy.

Finally, he will be responsible for proposing cross-functional performance projects and initiatives, working closely with the business units, maximising synergies between the Group’s various divisions, identifying opportunities with external partners, and developing processes for synchronising upstream/downstream flows.

‘This appointment is in line with our Ambition 2030 strategy and is essential if we are to achieve our objectives. Bringing performance to the Group means freeing up the resources needed to continue developing competitive and sustainable sectors, at the service of our Cooperative and farmers.’

Christophe Bonno, Managing Director of Maïsadour

His extensive experience will be an invaluable asset in supporting the transformation of the Maïsadour Group and improving overall performance.


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