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Since 2019, the various crises have strongly impacted the price of sea freight, raw materials, and therefore exports on all destinations covered by SOAL (Sud-Ouest Aliment). Thanks to the mobilization of the teams, customers and forwarding agents, the volume of business has increased and all customers have been supplied without any shortage. This success has allowed us to reach our initial objective of 20,000 tons of exported feed, and to reach a new milestone on the export markets by generating new opportunities for the future.

Overseas, a historical destination

In French Polynesia, the Group mainly exports feed for laying hens and pigs. This collaboration started in 2016 is now the third export destination for SOAL in terms of volume and revenue.

Martinique and Guadeloupe are the historical export destinations in terms of volume. Today, the objectives with the MADIVIAL cooperative, a client since 2014, have been reached, and the teams are working together on inter-island development opportunities throughout the Caribbean zone.

In Guyana, the South American cultural influence of the animal nutrition giants is strong, but “made in France” remains the main trend. An agreement aimed at supplying all member breeders throughout the territory has just been finalized with the Paysans de Guyane cooperative, enabling the company to double its volumes in the future and to develop the local distribution network.

Africa, a land of future for animal nutrition

Since a few months, SOAL has succeeded in establishing itself in Ivory Coast thanks to the partner TACO (Techna Afrique Centrale et Ouest). From this partnership was born the brand “GRANDIVI”, a range of food dedicated to the African continent.

Our know-how in the manufacture of crumb and vermicelli feeds now positions us as the specialist in feeds for chicks and piglets. The volume of business is progressing little by little, which allows us to open new markets such as Cameroon and Mali.

SOAL afrique

Development of the Spanish market

The difficulties experienced by Spanish manufacturers, particularly with inflation and the shortage of raw materials, have encouraged the development of the partnership between SOAL and the company URGASA in Spain (quail market).

With the VIVALLURE and SOALRACING brands, the horse market remains one of the main areas of development in Spain. SOAL benefits from the support of the teams in Zaragoza, for all national logistics.

For its part, NutriAvanza, a Spanish subsidiary, is continuing to develop.

SOALRACING back in the Middle East


After a complicated period for transport between France and the Middle East, sales started again in June 2022. SOAL will be present, through the SOALRACING brand, at the Dubai International Exhibition from March 17 to 19, 2023.

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