The AgriTwittos of the South West at the Landes meeting

Le Groupe Maïsadour
The Landes hosted the second FranceAgriTwittos meeting in the South-West. A weekend unlike any other, with Maïsadour as a partner.


In the early days of autumn, about twenty representatives of FranceAgriTwittos, an association that wants to (re)create a link between the agricultural world and society in general, met in Brocas. Farmers and para-farmers, all members have the same desire to explain agriculture in all its diversity. Conviviality, exchange and sharing were on the menu for these regulars of virtual exchanges on Twitter. Social networks don’t stop at the screen! Alain Gardeils, a poultry farmer, corn and sunflower seed producer and member of Maïsadour, was the initiator of this event, which put our region in the spotlight. “The Landes is a place of hospitality, festivities, traditions and gastronomy around numerous products with official signs of quality,” smiles the man who is known on the networks under the pseudo @sualain40.


Symbol of the South-West, the beret was unavoidable on the heads of the participants. From Mont-de-Marsan to Dax, passing through Bayonne, Vic or Condom and in all the villages of the Landes, when we celebrate, we tie the scarf around our neck,” explains Alain Gardeils. It is the rallying sign of the festayres”.

The latter presented the unique “total freedom” breeding method, where the poultry are housed in small movable buildings and benefit from tree-lined runs. The weekend’s program was rich: visit to a pigeon farm, discovery of the Landes race and bullfighting with a walk among the toros bravos, initiation to stilts and walks in the Landes forest.

Agritwittos - agriculture -alain
Franceagritwittos - agriculture - volaille


These two days were punctuated by meals at the farm on the theme of duck and yellow chicken and finally by a tapas formula. The partners of this meeting, starting with Maïsadour, had spoiled the participants. Foie gras, duck breast, duck rillettes, Bayonne ham, trout from Delpeyrat, croustade accompanied by sweet corn, green beans and potatoes and washed down with Tursan wine, not forgetting Floc de Gascogne and Armagnac… The twittos enjoyed the gastronomic specialties of Landes. Special mention to the duck hearts stuffed with foie gras and the chicken prepared in a thyme and lemon marinade!

Find on Twitter the thread of this meeting of the South-West team of FranceAgriTwittos

Le Groupe Maïsadour

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