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In 2022, Fiers de Nos Terres has grown its terroir brand of foie gras duck products and specialties from the South-West with a real know-how of fresh and preserved products. Only good and authentic products produced in the respect of men and nature.

Fiers de nos terres - Maïsadour brand

Fiers de nos terres! A brand that sounds like a slogan and reflects the origins of the Maïsadour cooperative. A cooperative made up of passionate members and employees who want to offer the best of the South-West through their mastery of the industry, from field to plate. “From growing corn to feed ducks to producing canned food specialties from the South-West, through breeding, we are farmers, breeders and canners all at the same time”, emphasizes the recent film presenting Fiers De Nos Terres.

Fresh products and preserves with the sweet smell of the Landes

Raw or semi-cooked foie gras, confits, smoked or dried duck breasts, pâtés, terrines, rillettes, ready-made meals, traditional recipes and gift boxes… All Fiers De Nos Terres products are available for direct delivery to individuals and companies from the website, or to be found in stores (L’Amour du Terroir and En Direct de Nos Producteurs), at retailers (delicatessens, independent distributors…) or through social and economic committees (CSE).

Already present on Facebook and Instagram, the brand recently arrived on the social network LinkedIn. This autumn, this range of simple, good products from Maïsadour farmers was featured at the renowned Gourmet Selection trade show and at Maïsadour’s event last September: La Ferme du Futur.

A taste of the land at Christmas

Fiers de Nos Terres, it is the preserves, the cooked, the fresh, but also the gifts. The end of the year celebrations are approaching and in Haut-Mauco, the gourmet boxes Fiers de Nos Terres are made. It is here, in the heart of the Landes region, that the gift baskets are prepared, in which whole duck foie gras from the South-West of France is featured along with other delicacies. Instant Duo and Menu Chalossais are the most popular references. In 2021, for the holiday season, nearly 20,000 boxes of the brand were sold. Once again this year, let’s hope that the art of living that embodies the Southwest will be present at the foot of the Christmas tree.

Fiers de nos terres - maïsadour - corbeille noël
Fiers de nos terres - maÏsadour
Fiers de nos terres - maÏsadour
Maïsadour Group

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