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Maisadour - Octobre rose - prevention du cancer du sein

Workshops to inform yourself

Even today, breast cancer is the most common cause of death in women. Nowadays, 1 woman out of 8 is at risk of being affected. It is therefore important to talk about it and to have a good gynecological follow-up in order to prevent the appearance of symptoms and to be able to act in time.

For all these reasons, the Maïsadour Cooperative Group was keen to offer an awareness-raising day for its employees, in collaboration with the Ligue contre le cancer.

Knowing how to carry out a proper self-examination, identifying the first warning signs, and learning about good practices to prevent cancer were the subjects of the workshops that Maïsadour offered its employees on 17 October. These were moments of sharing where all employees were able to learn or relearn, sometimes in a playful way, the gestures to detect a possible cancer.

A photo for a donation

A photo contest has also been set up throughout the month of October to support this cause. Members, employees and partners are all invited to share a photo with a pink accessory or item of clothing until the end of October. For each photo sent in, Maïsadour will make a donation to the Ligue contre le cancer.

Every year, the competition is a great success among Maïsadour members, who play along and have fun coming up with the most original ideas for winning.

Maisadour - prévention du cancer du sein - octobre rose

"All united under the same color", between cohesion and awareness

Through these actions, the Cooperative Group is committed to staying close to its employees throughout the month of October by reminding them of the importance of prevention and regular medical monitoring.

Maïsadour Group

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