The 2021-2022 fiscal year in pictures

Maïsadour Group
Contexte mondial inédit, arrivée de Christophe Bonno, nouveau Directeur Général du Groupe, mise en place du plan BOOST, obtention du label RSE « Confirmé », organisation de « La Ferme du Futur ». L’exercice 2021-2022 a été particulièrement riche pour Maïsadour. Retour sur les temps forts qui ont marqué la vie de la Coopérative !

A profitable Group in an unprecedented global context

The fourth avian crisis, the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, repeated prolonged heat waves, market instability, record inflation… In an unprecedented context, the 2021-2022 fiscal year marks the Group’s return to equilibrium. This is the result of an in-depth transformation, through ambitious project plans deployed by its four business segments (seeds, agriculture, poultry and gastronomy).

Logo du plan BOOST

For example, the success of the BOOST plan, initiated by Chief Executive Officer Christophe Bonno, illustrates the mobilization and collective sense of purpose of all employees. 11.5 million in savings, exceeding the target set.

The Group ended the year in profit and with an increase in revenues compared to the previous year.

Maïsadour, a committed player for a sustainable world

This 2021-2022 fiscal year will also have confirmed the urgent need to transform our lifestyles and production methods. Aware of these issues, the Cooperative has made it a priority to respond to these challenges.

In June, the Cooperative Group was awarded the “Confirmed” CSR label by AFNOR, which testifies to its actions and organization in the field of sustainable development, which have been in place for many years. The objective is to reach the “Exemplary” level by 2025.

CSR label confirmed

In addition, Maïsadour organized the first edition of “The Farm of the Future” last September, on the theme of plant innovation. More than 500 people – farmers, partners, industrialists – were able to discover the 25 innovations presented and to listen to the remarkable speech by agroclimatologist Serge Zaka.

These actions illustrate the involvement of our Cooperative in all its activities.

Maïsadour continues to expand

Lastly, the 2021-2022 financial year has enabled Maïsadour to open new production sites and stores. These include the inauguration of the Bazkaona plant, the first trials of our new 100% local soybean plant Graines d’Alliance, the expansion of the MAS Seeds Italy site or the modernization of the production line at the Condom plant. New stores have also opened their doors: L’Amour du Terroir in Nîmes, Cap Nature in Cestas, Comtesse du Barry in Vannes and Elevage Service in Trélissac. These are all examples that demonstrate the dynamism of our Group, from upstream to downstream, and that allow us to reaffirm our ambitions.

The past year has shown that Maïsadour has a solid foundation for moving towards a “new world”, the theme of its last General Meeting. The Cooperative’s 5,000 farmer members and 4,300 employees can look to the future with optimism.

Set course for 2023!

Maïsadour Group

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