700 trees planted thanks to Marie Hot !

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Agroforesterie - biodiversité - Marie Hot


Biodiversity and animal welfare are among Maïsadour’s major commitments.  Having production methods that respect the environment and adapt to the rhythm and needs of animals is an essential part of our business.

Agroforestry is one of the solutions for developing environments that allow livestock to express their natural behavior. This technique, which consists of replanting trees on plots with little or no woodland, has multiple benefits. Trees and hedges absorb and store carbon, promote species diversity and improve the well-being of poultry and the working environment of farmers.


The Marie Hot brand, always mindful of its commitment to offer a responsible and quality product to its customers, wanted to make its contribution. It has therefore launched its first agroforestry project. To this end, the Maïsadour Group has also entered into a partnership with the French Agroforestry Association.
In this mission to reforest our farms, we have been able to count on the support of consumers and the collaboration of craftsmen. For each yellow farm chicken from the Landes bought from one of the butchers, delicatessens and caterers involved in the agroforestry project, a contribution was made to support the project.

Agroforesterie - biodiversité - Marie Hot


The results of the operation, which ended at the end of November, are very positive: 700 trees were planted. Thank you to all our craftsmen and customers! This beautiful project will be developed and renewed in the years to come.

Maisadour Group

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