Regenerative agriculture: 2,200 shrubs planted in Herm!

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In early February, several kilometers of hedges were planted in Herm (Landes), at one of our members' sites. This is the first large-scale test conducted by VEGA* Maïsadour to address their problems using regenerative agriculture.


Fight against soil erosion, provide shelter for crop protection agents, improve water infiltration into the soil, store carbon, adapt to climate change and improve the well-being of animals: the benefits of hedges are numerous.

In early February, in Herm (40), 2,192 shrubs were planted on the farm of one of our members.

In total, 4 windbreaks with a length of 2.2 kilometers, composed of a dozen species of local trees and shrubs.

Plantations de haies à Herm, agriculture régénératrice

“At the beginning, our member had a problem with sandstorms,” explains Philippe Dubos, Regenerative Agriculture Referent and Manager of the Haute Lande region at Maïsadour. To such an extent that the future of certain crops on part of his farm was in jeopardy.

Together, we discussed the usefulness of hedges to fight against this phenomenon. I approached our colleagues from the Animal Production Department who have a fine expertise thanks to their agroforestry program for animal welfare. Laurence Zancan, technical referent, then accompanied us to size the plantation, choose the species and especially find the right contacts with the AFAF1.”

Baptiste Bonain, agriculteur à Herm, devant sa plantation de haies
Baptiste Bonain, farmer member in Herm (40)


Thanks to these plantations, 13 tons of CO2 are trapped in the soil of this farm every year. In concrete terms, this hedge offsets 13 round trips by plane from Paris to New York each year or 91,000 km driven by a diesel vehicle! 2

Our teams are working to promote these actions in favor of regenerative agriculture and to reduce the cost of planting for the farmer. VEGA* Maïsadour will soon be offering support to interested farmers with specific problems: erosion control, windbreaks, improving relations with neighbors, “low carbon” production, etc. Objective: a large-scale turnkey hedge planting service by 2024!

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