Amour du terroir

L'amour du terroir rôtisserie & épicerie
In the “L’Amour du terroir” shops, the South-West of France Agricultural Cooperative Maïsadour meets the expectations of consumers by selling directly in the heart of the cities the most popular products of its breeders from the South-West of France.

A short circuit brand

Since 2019, the Maïsadour Cooperative has opened its door to consumers in the heart of the cities thanks the “Amour du terroir” shops. This store concept brings together in one place both the Cooperative products and a rotisserie area to take away or eat in. Authentic, simple, labeled and quality products are offered: Red Label or Organic free-range farmed chickens Label from the Landes, fat ducks from the South-West of France, cured meats from the South-West of France, etc.

See you in our shops in Paris, Cannes or Nîmes

See you in our shops in Paris, Cannes or Nîmes to find all year-round direct sales of authentic and certified products labeled with the tradition of the South-West of France, the flavors of the territories of Aquitaine, the Landes forest, the foothills of the Basque Country and the Pyrenean mountains… A real invitation to travel through the daily consumption!

In love you have to commit:

Our hymn to the love of the land is made of:


The love for good products


The choice of short circuit


The proximity with the farmers


The support of the territories and local regions


The transmission of know-how


The action for a reasoned and responsible agriculture

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