Inovitis’ commitment to the High Environmental Value (HEV) label

Maïsadour Group
The High Environmental Value (HEV) certification corresponds to the highest level of environmental certifications.

It allows you to recognize your environmentally friendly approaches, your best practices and to progress on your farm while reflecting on the organization of production and enhancing your products by guaranteeing market access.
The 4 qualified HVE referents of Inovitis, Maïsadour’s wine subsidiary, support winegrowers towards this labeling, and advise them on improving the sustainability of their operations.

Since 2019, Inovitis has enabled more than 110 farms to be labeled HVE. In 2022, more than 50 winegrowers will be supported towards this great initiative!

One more step to cultivate our well-being!

Maïsadour Group

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