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Maïsadour Group
Sud-Ouest Aliment's export activity is constantly evolving, especially with its customers in the French overseas departments and territories!

🗺️ To date, the Maïsadour subsidiary exports to 15 countries.

Its flagship products?
🐓 🐷 mainly poultry and pig food
🐦🐟 extruded food for petfood, flamingos, ibis and fish with its brands TROPHY for petfood, FLOTIN and SAUVAGIN for birds and waterfowl.
🐎 horse food via its SOAL RACING and Vivallure brands!
Organic food under the C’SON BIO brand

Given the travel difficulties related to the health context, SOAL has focused its activity on the development of cross-border export markets, which are easier to access.

In parallel with its Nutriavanza subsidiary in Spain, SOAL has started new files, particularly on quail in Spain, through CODORNICES URGELL (Spanish subsidiary of CAILLOR France).

📆 Other projects will see the light of day in 2022!
o Manufacture of horse feed in Spain sold under the VIVALLURE and SOAL RACING brands.
o Deployment of the “PLUG&FEED” concept (mobile feed manufacturing unit) in Africa, in partnership with Elevage Service and SASSO.
o Launch of the “GRANDIVI” brand in Africa in partnership with Techna Central and West Africa (TACO).

SOAL export actualité
Maïsadour Group

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