The site of Pontonx-sur-l’Adour adapts to save the Landes quail !

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Marketed by Fermiers Landais, Label Rouge Landes yellow quail was threatened by the closure of our partner Caillor. In response, the Maïsadour Group took action to ensure the continuity of production, and adapted the slaughterhouse at Pontonx-sur-l'Adour. A successful gamble to save a historic industry in the Landes!

The quail industry is threatened

For more than thirty years, Fermiers Landais has been marketing Label Rouge Landes yellow quail, slaughtered in Sarbazan (Landes) by the company Caillor, a subsidiary of the Spanish leader Urgasa. 

8,000 quails are sold each week. Since June 2022, this sector was weakened by the cessation, in France, of Urgasa’s breeding and processing activity. The farms of about thirty farmers were threatened, and our customers risked losing a product that is emblematic of the breeding tradition of our territories.

Maïsadour gets involved in saving quail

Maïsadour has been involved since then to offset the closure of Caillor and support the project to safeguard quality-labeled quail in the Landes department. The Group first took action upstream to ensure the continuity of production. For its part, Fermiers du Sud-Ouest has committed two slaughtering sites (Pontonx-sur-l’Adour and the Dublanc establishments in Magescq), and has carried out the necessary transformations at the Pontonx-sur-Adour slaughterhouse to process this small poultry, which requires great expertise.

Volaille maisadour

satisfactory results

While this new activity only started in September 2022, quail production has already doubled to 8,000 per week. The goal is to triple that amount by 2023. This new system is still in the launching phase and continues to be perfected, but the Label Rouge quail sector in the Landes is already saved!

Volaille Maïsadour - label rouge
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