Extra-Financial Performance Statement 2021-2022: Maïsadour, ever more ambitious in terms of CSR

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The Group has published its Extra-Financial Performance Statement (EFSPS) for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. The Group has been awarded the "Confirmed CSR Commitment" label since February 2022 and intends to intensify this policy.

The rapid changes in our world, illustrated by recent climatic, geopolitical and societal events, require us to adapt our ways of life and production. In this context, issues related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) are of paramount importance. Moreover, society is increasingly demanding and justified in the way companies manage these risks and opportunities. Transparency and responsibility is one of the major duties of every company.

Maïsadour awarded "confirmed" level CSR label

Maïsadour is fully aware of the importance of sustainable and responsible management of its activities. In February 2022, the Group was awarded the “Committed to CSR” label by AFNOR at the “Confirmed” level, in recognition of the sustainable development actions and organization it has been implementing for many years. This key step enabled the company to assess its commitments to the 17 UN sustainable development objectives. The ambition is to achieve the “Exemplary” level by 2025.

The Group is publishing today its Extra-Financial Performance Statement (EFSPS) for the fiscal year 2021-2022. This document is the result of a rigorous process to assess our environmental, social and governance impacts.

CSR label confirmed
Préserver les ressources

Preserve natural resources, life and biodiversity

Because the earth is at the heart of its activities, Maïsadour is taking concrete action to reduce its carbon impact and preserve resources. This commitment includes the fight against climate change, the preservation of water resources, animal welfare, the reduction of energy consumption, the development of renewable energy and the reduction of waste.

Key figure: 100% A rating on audited AEBEA (Association Etiquette Bien-Être Animal) slaughterhouses

Develop channels to offer quality and sustainable food

From seed to plate, Maïsadour is working towards ever greater transparency and quality, offering healthy, tasty, high-quality food, developing local production and combating food waste.

Key figure: 93% of our industrial production/processing sites are CSR (quality, food safety, hygiene) certified, according to our internal CSR guidelines

DPEF 2021/2022

Ensure the sustainability and performance of operations and the Group

As a cooperative active in its territories, Maïsadour has a responsibility to participate in local economic development and to provide income and outlets for its members’ produce.

Key figure: €101.9 million of wealth generated in the region by producers (in 2020-2021)

Evolve together in a framework combining safety and quality of life at work

Because a responsible company cannot be conceived without fulfilled employees, Maïsadour aims to become a benchmark cooperative employer in terms of personal and professional development, social dialogue, diversity, health and safety in the workplace.

Key figure: 87.4/100 our gender equality index (weighted average for the Group)

DPEF 2021/2022

With this strategy, the Group is reaffirming its commitment to progress and innovation in all CSR practices.

couverture DPEF
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