The Maïsadour Group was present at the European Corporate Sport Games in 2023

Maïsadour Group
Equipe Maïsadour aux jeux européens de sport en entreprise à Bordeaux en juin 2023.

In 2023, for the first time, the Maïsadour Group took part in the European Corporate Sports Games held in Bordeaux from 14 to 18 June. Thirty-two of the Group’s sportsmen and women set down their bags in the city of Gironde, which for a few days was transformed into an international playground.
International, because nearly 7,500 company employees from 26 countries competed in 37 disciplines based on “the finest values of sport: performance, sharing and conviviality”, as Amélie Oudea-Castera, the French Minister for Sport, put it at the event.

list of winners

Competing in 8 events (pelote basque, 3×3 basketball, football, padel, tennis, petanque, beach volleyball and running), our staff worked valiantly over 3 days to bring home 3 medals, including 1 gold – what an achievement!

équipes de pelote basque de Maïsadour pour les jeux européens de sport en entreprise 2023 médaillés d'or et de bronze
Our Basque pelota champions with, from left to right: Henry Basterot (gold), Fabien Lacroix (gold), Olivier Brillanceau (gold), Sébastien Dumercq (bronze), Damien Casteraa (bronze)
Médaille gagnée par Maïsadour aux jeux européens de sport en entreprise 2023
A Maïsadour medal
équipe de basket Maïsadour qui termine 3e avec la médaille de bronze aux jeux européens de sport en entreprise 2023
Our 3x3 basketball medallists with, from left to right: Jérôme Deyres, Franck Laborde, Adrien Dayres and Laurie Cavagne


So the performance was there, as was the sharing and conviviality. Although they belonged to the same Group, our employees, who came from different branches (and regions), got to know each other before the games during their training sessions, and then as the events progressed. This created a bond between our team-mates, giving way to budding professional friendships, linked by shared experiences and memories.

Rallying around the same company dynamic, our employees proudly wore the colours of Maïsadour and its health policy through company sport, a unifying element that benefits both body and mind!

Why is Maïsadour developing company sport?

30% of sick leave in France is caused by musculoskeletal disorders

80% of employees would like to take part in some form of physical activity at work

6 to 9% increase in productivity per employee thanks to regular company sports activities

30 to 40% reduction in absenteeism thanks to regular company sports activities.

numbers 2023

Maïsadour Group

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