SIA 2023: 4 medals for the Group and meetings with politicians

Maïsadour Group
SIA, Salon International de l'Agriculture, in Paris has regained its pre-Covid attendance, with a record attendance on the last Saturday, when some visitors were refused entry. Proof that agriculture still interests and fascinates our fellow citizens! Maïsadour was present thanks to its partners, and won 4 medals at the Concours Général Agricole. Our directors also had the opportunity to meet Emmanuel Macron and Marc Fesneau.

Bernard Tauzia met with Marc Fesneau, Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty

Bernard Tauzia, vice-president of Maïsadour in charge of poultry production and president of Synalaf (Syndicat national des labels avicoles de France), met with Marc Fesneau to make him aware of the challenges facing the French poultry industry. On this occasion, Bernard Tauzia recalled the problems currently encountered in Label Rouge and organic farms, in this period of avian influenza. Among the points raised: the prospects of vaccination and marketing standards.

SIA 2023, rencontre entre Marc Fesneau, Ministre de l'agriculture et Bernard Tauzia, Vice président Maïsadour

Our products in value!

Aurélie Zimmerman au concours agricole

As at every SIA, the Maïsadour Group was present on the agricultural cooperation stand (the interprofessional body for cooperatives) with a presentation of Delpeyrat and Fermiers du Sud-Ouest products. A tasting of duck breast took place on Friday at lunchtime on the stand: it was much appreciated by visitors!

4 medals at the general agricultural competition

Created more than 150 years ago, the Concours Général Agricole rewards and promotes the best agricultural and food products of the French terroir every year.

Delpeyrat won 3 medals: 2 gold medals for its canned whole duck foie gras and its Label Rouge duck breast, and 1 silver medal for its semi-cooked whole duck foie gras.

Fermiers du Gers, a subsidiary of Maïsadour’s Poultry Division, was also awarded

Médaille d'or concours général agricole

a gold medal for its whole Label Rouge yellow Gers farm chicken. The Maïsadour Group is proud to see the work of all the players in its sectors rewarded in this way, as they contribute their know-how to offering our consumers the best of French gastronomy.

Participation in a conference on a traceability project in the corn industry

concours agricole

Daniel Peyraube also took part in a conference organized by Agdatahub, a company working in digital technology, to present the “blockchain” project for the corn industry. The objective of this project is to offer the consumer complete traceability of the finished product and to promote the French origin. Thus, by flashing a QR code or by entering the batch number of a chicken, the consumer has access to an interface giving him information on all the stages of manufacture of the product: where was the chicken slaughtered? Where was it raised? Where was the feed produced? Where was the corn grown? A promising project is also being developed in parallel with the soy chain.

Dummy chickens with a QR code and a batch number were presented to visitors on the stands of Agdatahub and Intercéréales (French cereal interprofession).

Maïsadour Group

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