For the Poultry Division and the Gastronomy Division, the festive season is a key moment. Despite the difficult economic climate, our teams worked hard to bring out the best in our local produce.

Maison Delpeyrat, French leader in foie gras!

The teams spared no effort

For this Festive season 2023, we have indeed witnessed the red wave predicted by the Delpeyrat teams!

Delpeyrat and Terres Paysannes brands had a very good season, and the company has become the leader in foie gras, with a record share of the manufacturer’s market in terms of both value (21.2%) and volume (19.8%), doubling its weight in the market in two years and overtaking the historic leader.

Delpeyrat is also the leader in the foie gras grocery and whole foie gras markets, helping to enhance the value of its product ranges.

This excellent result can be attributed to all those involved in the industry: farmers, factory staff and sales and marketing teams.

"This No. 1 ranking rewards the commitment and determination of our entire industry. Thank you all for contributing to this fine performance."

Éric Humblot, Managing Director of the Gastronomy Division

The ingredients of Delpeyrat's success :
p.13 - Delpeyrat UFC Que Choisir
Jours de fête" semi-cooked whole duck foie gras topped the annual test by UFC Que Choisir

These good results during the festive season have not distracted us from our concerns for the industry. We are facing a number of challenges: renewal of breeders, decarbonisation, industrial overcapacity, modernisation of production tools, etc. Our teams are assessing and studying all the solutions that will enable Delpeyrat to assert its leadership position. We know that the duck market remains fragile, and that’s what we’re thinking about. If we want to reconcile performance and sustainable growth, we will have to rethink our organisation over the long term.

Fermiers du Sud-Ouest: success for festive poultry against a backdrop of avian crisis

After a year 2023 marked by an outbreak of avian influenza in January and another unprecedented outbreak in May, the stakes were high for Fermiers du Sud-Ouest (FSO): meeting customer demand in terms of both quantity and quality.

CHAPON _MG_0928 (1)

"I would like to pay tribute to our teams, who have demonstrated their unfailing commitment throughout this festive campaign."

Vincent Robin, Managing Director of Fermiers du Sud-Ouest

Against this backdrop, the breeders and technical teams upstream have done a remarkable job of setting up in a very short space of time, thus ensuring the necessary volumes for the festive season. Downstream slaughterhouses also showed total commitment.

For this festive season, despite a drop in volumes, FSO has retained all its markets and customers: the challenge has been met.

FSO is now looking ahead to 2024 with the continuation of its “Ginger 2” strategic plan. The aim is to meet today’s financial constraints and social and environmental expectations. This strategy is broken down into 3 areas – performance, development and commitment – to make FSO an innovative poultry company, positioned in value-generating markets, working to preserve our terroirs and resources.

In this context, the arrival a few months ago of the vaccine solution against avian influenza is a real cause for optimism as we return to more serene production seasons. For its part, FSO is ready, with determined teams. We’re all hoping that the vaccination will be a success and that a year without avian influenza will enable FSO to increase its volumes!

COMTESSE DU BARRY: great success for festive products

After a difficult 2022 festive season due to the avian situation, Comtesse du Barry is back in the black. The network of boutiques was packed to the rafters, offering products that appealed to customers, both as table decoration and as gifts. There was a real craze for foie gras: the lobe (whole semi-cooked foie gras) was the star product.

Comtesse Velizy
Shop in Vélizy (78)
Comtesse du Barry Lobe

The 2023 festive season was a memorable one for the 5 new shops (Antibes, Boulogne-Billancourt, Nancy, Poitiers and Sceaux) which opened their doors between the end of October and the beginning of December.

+16% increase in foie gras sales revenues for Comtesse du Barry, compared with the 2022 festive season

Next target: Easter. For this, Comtesse du Barry has added a number of new items to its range, such as roast duck breast and the introduction of gravlax salmon. The two emblematic porcelain eggs will also be featured, accompanied this year by a porcelain dish.

In 2024, Comtesse du Barry will also continue to expand its territorial coverage, with the opening of new shops.


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