Back at Maïsadour since October 2023, where he had worked for several years, Yannick Montéan, now VEGA* Maïsadour and Agralia Sales Manager, has set himself some ambitious targets. He explains them in this interview.


Photo de Yannick Montéan

"I'm convinced that regenerative agriculture is the agriculture of the future."

You are back with Maïsadour after 3 years with Gaïago. What do you remember about this experience ?

Yannick MONTÉAN: This company is a pioneer in regenerative agriculture and carbon. So obviously, I’ve been immersed in these issues for 3 years. It was a choice, not an accident: my wife is a farmer. I’m convinced that regenerative agriculture is the agriculture of the future.

Has the fact that these issues are at the forefront of Maïsadour's strategy made a difference ?

Y.M. : Absolutely. I’m totally in line with the Vegetal Division’s policy, which I worked with when I was at Gaïago.

Agricultural change is all very well when it’s driven by a start-up, but I wanted to work on its practical application in the field. This return to Maïsadour is an opportunity for me to play a real role, as close as possible to farmers and their realities.

During your absence, the Group has continued to develop. What do you think of everything that has been done, including the launch of VEGA* Maïsadour and "La Ferme du Futur"?

Y.M. : I continued to follow what was happening within the Group, in both the animal and plant sectors. I was involved in the launch of VEGA* Maïsadour as a supplier. It was necessary to transform and clarify the position of the two brands. “La Ferme du Futur” is a fantastic event for highlighting and promoting the agricultural solutions of tomorrow.

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To find out more about VEGA* Maïsadour, the cooperative’s plant business brand, click here.

"Our aim is to provide an ever-better response to farmers' needs, in line with society's new expectations.

Since your return in mid-October, what are the main areas of work you have been are you developing?

Y.M. : The transformation of the Vegetal Division has strengthened the motivation and commitment of our employees. Our aim is to respond ever more effectively to the needs of farmers, in line with society’s new expectations. We need to provide them with both technical and economic performance. This means developing value-added production, risk management solutions, and logistical excellence to ensure smooth, transparent and straightforward relations with our members.

What are your next objectives ?

Y.M. : To contribute to inter-departmental coordination within the Plant Division. I’m in charge of the commercial side, but there are also all the issues linked to purchasing performance, the organisation of flows and deliveries. I want to strengthen the links between all the departments to achieve optimum performance. I also want to continue structuring, streamlining and supporting change. These are my objectives for 2024.

In-house interviews

Yannick Montéan spoke at our last General Assembly

Photo de Yannick Montéan et de Valérie Lamothe, sur scène à l'Assemblée Générale 2023
Yannick MONTÉAN, pictured here with Valérie LAMOTHE, HR Director of Fermiers du Sud-Ouest, at our General Assembly (Photo: Just A Pics)

On 7 December 2023, Yannick MONTÉAN took part in the “People and Territories” section of our General Assembly.

To watch it again, including his speech, click here.

"Our job is to bring
value to farmers. Economic value, to ensure the future of the
farms, but also societal value
to promote the profession and agriculture."


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