Maïsadour signs a partnership with Sikig to develop the kiwifruit sector in the Landes region of France

Groupe Maïsadour
On Tuesday January 16, 2024, the Cooperative and Sikig, société internationale des kiwis des Gaves, signed a joint partnership to develop the kiwi sector among our members. This activity offers farmers new opportunities and helps them diversify their crops.
Trois hommes tiennent des kiwis entre els mains pour illustrer la signature de ce partenariat

A partnership with France's leading kiwi producer

Since 1964, when Sikig founder Henri Pedelucq first planted green kiwi in Europe, the company has been the leading producer of green and yellow kiwi in France, producing 8,000 tonnes a year.

Since 2000, Sikig has also had an excellent partnership with world leader Zespri, a New Zealand company, for the production of yellow kiwi. Zespri is one of the world’s most recognized consumer brands, producing 700,000 tonnes of kiwi a year.

A new opportunity for Maïsadour members

The signing of this partnership enables Maïsadour members to diversify their crop. Maïsadour will put farmers wishing to develop a kiwi crop in touch with an experienced partner.

Farmers will be supported by Sikig at all levels: definition of the customized project, management of the planting site, day-to-day support (help with the orchard, staff recruitment, etc.). Farmers thus benefit from Sikig’s technical and commercial expertise in the development and management of their crop.

Maïsadour will provide the farmer with all the agro-supply equipment required for the crop.

photographie de kiwis sur leurs lianes dans un champ

The Adour basin, France's 1st kiwifruit-growing area

The Adour basin is a historic kiwifruit-growing region in France: the climate is perfectly suited to the development of this fruit. Each year, 20,000 tons are harvested by the region’s 350 kiwi growers. Adour kiwi has been awarded 2 certifications, Label Rouge and IGP, making it a product of choice for French consumers.

Kiwifruit: a booming market

Kiwi cultivation also offers high yield potential per hectare (25 tons for green kiwi, up to 50 tons for the best yellow kiwi orchards), and can be combined with beekeeping to pollinate the orchard. As green and yellow kiwi do not have the same cultivation calendars, the two fruits can be grown in parallel. What’s more, it’s a crop that’s perfect for combining professional and personal life! The profession is becoming more feminine!

With consumer demand still on the rise, kiwi is a market with strong growth potential! Packed with vitamins, it’s becoming increasingly popular with consumers!

Groupe Maïsadour

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