With its black plumage and black feet, it's a real eye-catcher. The Label Rouge Black Farmhouse Chicken from the Landes is a little known poultry with many qualities that deserve to be highlighted!
Poulet Fermiers Noir label rouge des Landes

A symbol of our region

With its naked neck, typical of our region, this is a hardy, slow-growing strain with the same characteristics as the white free-range chicken. Its traditional free-range rearing method, in the heart of the Landes forest and in portable huts (the famous “Marensines”), is unique and has remained unchanged for over 50 years.

They are also fed a healthy, natural, 100% South-Western, non-GMO diet, essentially made up of maize. These strict specifications perpetuate a rearing method that respects animal welfare, in a healthy environment, and therefore guarantee a top-quality product.

Quality poultry

These optimal rearing conditions give it a special flavour, worthy of the gastronomic traditions of our regions. Beneath its fine, crispy skin lies firm flesh with a fine, nutty flavour.

In recent years, black chicken has once again become one of the hottest trends in France. It is much sought-after in many regions, particularly in Brittany and the south-east.


Fermiers du Sud-Ouest is therefore aiming to be ever more ambitious in meeting new consumer expectations. A product destined to feature prominently in traditional butchers’ shops and wholesalers.


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