Poularde: a healthy, gourmet product and a virtuous breeding process

Groupe Maïsadour
Poularde is a healthy, tasty product, the product of traditional South-West know-how, raised outdoors in the Landes countryside. A product of choice for the last festive meals of the year.

A high-quality and local product

Poularde is a high-quality, free-range bird that has never laid eggs. It fattens naturally on a diet of local corn and soya, which is supplemented with skimmed milk at the end of the rearing process to make its flesh white and creamy. Free-range hens benefit not only from the shade offered by the Landes pines, but also from the natural supplements to their diet that they find in the fields: herbs, seeds, insects, etc. The result is a poultry with a soft, tasty flesh, faithfully reared according to tradition.

Une éleveuse de poularde, Nadia Duprat, tient dans ses bras une de ses volailles.
Nadia Duprat, breeder of poulardes in the south west France

A symbol of traditional local know-how

The poularde du Sud-ouest is a symbol of the traditional skills of our land, marketed in the Landes region since the late 80s.

Fermiers du Sud-ouest is one of France’s leading poularde producers, with over 60,000 poulardes reared each year, following precise “Label Landes” specifications that have been in place since 1993.

As of 2019, the Cooperative has more than 25 member producers of this poultry.

image d'un élevage de poulardes entre les pins des Landes, les volailles gambades en plein air et profite de l'ombre des pins sur leur parcours
A traditional poulard farm in the Landes region of France
Groupe Maïsadour

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