The Landes sand asparagus, ambassador of the territory

Maïsadour Group
Maïsadour has been involved in the asparagus industry for over 15 years, with a commitment to 100% local quality. Each year, the Maïsadour Cooperative produces over 1,500 tons of green and white asparagus in the Landes region, thanks to its 32 members. Each season, producers call on seasonal workers between March and June to harvest them.

A true emblematic product of spring for consumers, the asparagus of the Sables des Landes, whose harvest began at the beginning of March, is an exceptional product that is highly sought after. Inherited from the Landes region, it is characterized by its tenderness and freshness, and is ideal for lunch or dinner, with only 25 calories per 100 g, a contribution in mineral salts, and diuretic properties.

Asparagus is grown in the vast sandy plain of the Landes de Gascogne, a region of 1.4 million hectares that has become the cradle of this crop.

The white asparagus of the Landes
Asperges blanches des sables des landes
Adhérents Maïsadour, Stéphane Lacave, producteurs d'asperges blanches des landes

At Maïsadour, asparagus is grown on 305 hectares of land under an official sign of quality and certified PGI “Asperge des Sables des Landes”, or Global Cap. Asparagus is a premium product. To guarantee their exceptional freshness and unique flavor, Sables des Landes asparagus is harvested before it sees the sun and is sorted, washed and packaged within four hours of being picked in the area.

They are then sold locally and internationally under the Priméale brand, France’s leading asparagus distributor and partner of Maïsadour.

Locally, you can buy your asparagus directly from our producers:


711 rte de Cluquelardit, 40990 Herm
05 58 90 35 01 – 06 42 40 91 46
From Monday to Friday : 9h00-17h00
Saturday : 9h00-12h00
Sunday : Closed

From May, asparagus from Maïsadour producers will also be available for sale by reservation in the 11 En Direct de Nos Producteurs stores.

Asperges blanche des Landes dans la boutique de Herm
Maïsadour Group

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