Varietal research, what is the process?

Maïsadour Group
Focus on researching new corn varieties at MAS Seeds a 5-step process!

1️⃣ Anticipate the needs of farmers and sectors, to find the best varieties.

2️⃣ Select from our collections the best genetic material that meets these needs.

3️⃣ Create new lines, and cross them to determine the ideal combination providing yield, tolerance and resilience.

4️⃣ Test and evaluate these new varieties in the field, in multiple environments (or conditions), to select the best ones.

5️⃣ Homologate these best varieties according to the regulations of the countries in order to allow their marketing.

Every year, 20 new corn varieties renew the MAS Seeds catalog!

With 7️⃣ 0️⃣ years of experience in varietal research, 160 different varieties have already been developed!

Maïsadour Group

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