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The Nutriavanza subsidiary, created last July, is asserting its ambitions on the Spanish market.

Sud-Ouest Aliment has been present on the Spanish market for nine years now. A discreet presence first of all, through the sale of complete organic feed to a few breeders of laying hens in the North of the country, then a constant progression with volumes multiplied by three during the first years of activity. In 2015, the commercial development of SOAL in Spain took on a new impetus, by initiating a collaboration with the company Granja Pinseque SA, near Zaragoza.

In addition to his function as Director of Granja Pinseque SA, José Carlos Terraz Cuenca is also President of Avi Alter (Spain) and of the European Rural Poultry Association (ERPA). “He became one of our main customers who, in addition to buying large volumes from us, regularly sent us addresses,” recalls Manuel Cousin, head of the Spanish market with Fabien Fouragnan. “José Carlos Terraz Cuenca knows everyone in poultry in Spain, gives training to young people who want to settle and participates in the development of regulations, which gives us a head start. »
From this collaboration, Nutrîavanza was born last July, a trading company which brings the commercial activity of Sud-Ouest Aliment to the Spanish market, 51% owned by SOAL and 49% by Granja Pinseque SA.


The advantage of Nutriavanza is to be able to rely on the strength of the Maïsadour Group and its subsidiaries SudOuest Aliment, Nutricia and Sornin, to offer an almost exhaustive offer to its Spanish customers: whole foods, mineral and vitamin supplements, premixes (solutions premixed with vitamins and mineral elements) but also many services (formulations, purchases, analyses, etc.). To offset transport costs from France and remain competitive on the Spanish market, Nutriavanza implemented a trading model that is now bearing fruit. “We have established partnerships with nine processing plants on Spanish soil, explains Fabien Fouragnan, the other “Mister Spain” of SOAL.

We buy premixes from the Sornin factory located in Arzacq, which we sell to our partner factories in Spain. These create our recipes, which we then resell to our farmer customers. We thus make two sales while imposing our premixes and we are competitive in terms of transport to the end customer. »
Until then exclusively focused on poultry, SOAL and Nutriavanza have this year begun to diversify into pigs and ruminants. The Spanish subsidiary has also enlisted the services of an administrative and logistical assistant, who shares his time between Granja Pinseque SA and Nutriavanza, as well as a veterinarian. Enough to further consolidate its presence on the Spanish market in the years to come.

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